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New Learning and Teaching Building

In November 2013, notification was received from the DfE that Glyn School had been successful in its bid for a grant for a new learning and teaching block to accommodate 18 classrooms, a Learning Resource Centre and a Common Room with canteen. This grant presented us with the fantastic opportunity to create a new and vibrant learning environment that would benefit all of our students.

The builders are now on site and rapid progress is being made with the expectation that the building will be ready for use in the Summer Term of 2015. Whilst the funding covered the costs of the development of the new building, our priority now is to raise money to pay for IT equipment, furniture and fixtures and fittings to equip this building to deliver outstanding learning to current and future generations of Glyn students.

We are, therefore, asking past, present and future stakeholders at Glyn School to make a contribution to the overall completion of the new learning environment. We would like to acknowledge those who are able to make a donation and we hope this may be recognised somehow in the new building once it is completed.

A donation of any size would be very welcome. If you are able to make a significant donation and you would like to request that it is put towards a particular item, please contact Marion Meadows at


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