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Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Our vocation: unites us in our shared goal of excellence in all we do for our students. It drives us to inspire a love of learning and achievement, founded on the virtues of integrity, respect and a desire to succeed. Our aim is that all students leave us as fully rounded, exceptional young adults, sharing Glyn's values, both confident in their ability and holding a determination to shape for the better the communities that they will build for themselves.

Our craft: shapes our professionalism. We are proud to continue to learn how to be 'Great Teachers'; we recognise that ultimately this is how we will best ensure that the young people we teach will make exceptional progress.

We sustain a relentless focus on highly effective Learning and Teaching, where inspirational teaching, underpinned by the Glyn Learning and Teaching 7, creates a deep understanding of the curriculum and enables access and challenge for all students. The classroom must be an exciting place to be that nurtures and cultivates a love of learning, embraces technology for learning and provides a stimulating, engaging learning environment that facilitates outstanding student progress.


Our view of Learning and Teaching


  • 'Great Teaching' transforms lives.


  • Glyn students get one, life changing chance at education, so we must 'make every lesson count'.


  • Exceptional progress and outcomes are secured by effective, evidence informed teaching, which maximises impact in the precious time we have.


  • Learning is hard and is secured in the long term.


  • Great learning takes place when we aim to reduce cognitive load, build stronger, longer lasting memories and teach for transfer so learning is flexible.


  • Expert teachers scaffold students' internal intellectual architecture to build their self-efficacy and self-regulation.



Our commitment to the Glyn L&T 7

Our professional learning has sought to make us increasingly evidence informed. This led us to fundamentally re-examine our understanding of learning, which in turn shaped our view of what makes 'Great Teaching' at Glyn School. This guided the development of the new Glyn L&T 7 Principles.


Each principle is underpinned by evidence of its effectiveness. These principles are designed to support our understanding of why we should develop our practice in the most effective way. They are not a checklist for a lesson or things we are required to 'show' we are doing. As a set of principles, they should be applied to the context of our own classrooms. It is critical that we ensure they are shared, understood and embedded in a meaningful way.

Our use of Chromebooks in the Classroom: Chromebooks are a tool, which can support us in delivering the Glyn L&T 7. They will enable us to blend technology with more traditional approaches to truly enhance great Learning and Teaching.