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Driving to School: Sixth Form

Dear Parents and Carers

Driving to School: Sixth Form Students

As the year has progressed, more students have passed their driving tests and as a result have started to drive themselves to school. If your son or daughter has recently passed their driving test, please can you provide car registration details to Mrs Bennett via email This is to ensure we can communicate with drivers if there are any issues with parking, before it gets passed to the police or local council.

We would like to encourage your son or daughter to car share where possible to help with pollution and alleviate some of the parking pressure in the local area. Additionally, we are trying to encourage safe and sensible parking. This includes not parking on both sides of the road and leaving enough room for emergency vehicles to get through. In the past week alone we have had two situations where larger vehicles have been unable to get down the surrounding roads to Glyn School because of inconsiderate parking. Such parking is ultimately self-defeating as we have been advised by the local council that continued parking concerns raised by residents is resulting in their consideration of implementing local parking restrictions.

Please can you speak to your son or daughter regarding where they park their car and how they ensure enough space is left for larger vehicles to navigate through the roads. We have had particular issues with cars parking inconsiderately in Purberry Grove and Nursery Close. If your son or daughter does drive to school, please can they aim to arrive before 8.25am to ensure they have enough time to park their car and walk to the gate before incurring a late detention. Thank you for your support with this issue.


Yours sincerely


Miss H Thompkins

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Sixth Form