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How do Glyn students help our success?

The outstanding behaviour of students contributes significantly to their achievement and their social development.

“Students appreciate that they learn within a society where they can explore their own thinking because all views are listened to and valued,” says our Ofsted report.

Our students are at the heart of our school community and you can discover more about their contribution during our Open Evening on Wednesday 10 July from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Female students joining our popular Sixth Form are integrated well into the life and ethos of the school.

“Students arrive punctually to lessons and are keen not to miss a moment, so that learning gets off to a prompt start. Because students are motivated to give their best throughout the lesson, learning is taken forward quickly,” said the report.

Our students show high levels of consideration towards others. They are comfortable in social situations, showing courtesy to visitors and are clear on the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour.

“Bullying of any kind or the use of racist or homophobic language is rare and dealt with robustly,” said the Ofsted inspection team.

Attendance is considerably higher than the national average and fixed-term exclusions are rare with permanent exclusions even more uncommon.

We also have outstanding teaching which enthuses and motivates students along with a great Sixth Form and a challenging curriculum. Our leaders have high aspirations while the sharing of best practice has a positive impact and we have an excellent rapport with our students.