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Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty:

Teaching Staff for the year 2015/ 2016 are -
Mrs Brown, Ms Dimitrantzou, Mr Grigg, Miss Middleton, Miss Stokes Mr Rouse,
Mrs Jones, Miss Zimmermann, Miss Jackson, Mr Proctor, Mrs Morgan. Mr Roberts,
Mr Varma, Mr Wallace, Miss Ahmad, Mr Murray, Miss Oliver




Head of Faculty

Mrs Brown & Ms Dimitrantzou,

Key Stages taught at

Stage 3 - 5

KS3 Coordinator

Miss L Stokes

KS4 Coordinator Miss R Middleton

KS4 Specification - Year 10

All Students
Linked Pair Maths - Edexcel
June 2014 - Methods - 2MM01

KS4 Specification - Year 11

Linked Pair Maths - Edexcel
June 2014 - Applications - 2AM01

KS5 Coordinator Mr H Grigg

KS5 Specification

Edexcel Mathematics A Level