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Priest Hill- The Paul Beeken Pavilion

Saturday mornings at Priest Hill are for some past and present students, their fondest memories of Glyn School. It is testament to the dedication of the staff that so many fixtures take place each and every week. Regularly fielding 21 teams during the academic year, it is fantastic to see the number of parents involved in supporting them, come rain or shine!

Priest Hill is part of the Glyn way of life for all students and it is a wonderful facility, however it also needs significant investment as the Pavilion is not fit for current purpose.   

Investment in Priest Hill will benefit every student as it is used weekly by all students in Years 7 to 11. Competitive sport reflects life – it is where students learn about how to cope with losing and the need to show humility in victory. It helps promote respect for officials, spectators and opponents. It provides an opportunity for students to excel outside the classroom and to build their self-esteem, which for some students is vital during their time in education. We feel that sport is key to an all-round education and Priest Hill is critical in us achieving that outcome for our students.

We are in the process of submitting a planning application; see images below, for the refurbishment and expansion of The Paul Beeken Pavilion at Priest Hill. Any contribution you could make to the redevelopment would be greatly appreciated.

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Priest Hill Building Plans