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Literacy at Glyn

At Glyn it is important that in all of your subjects the standard of literacy you use is good.  We believe that literacy is a whole school responsibility and not just that of the English department, so teachers in all of your subjects will expect to see accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.    Better literacy leads to improved confidence, motivation and focus - it allows you to learn independently.

Good literacy skills are a key factor in making sure you do well in all of your subjects.  Developing skills in literacy is about learning to use language to express, explore and communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings with others. We do this through speaking, listening, reading and writing; getting better at literacy means you will make progress in each of these areas.

When you complete examinations in Year 11, 12 and 13 (and also in Mid-year and End of Year exams in Years 7 to 10 ) Examiners in all subjects will be looking for things like:

  • spelling (especially of key and common words)
  • Correct use of punctuation
  • Use of key terminology
  • Correct use of grammar

On a weekly basis we have a Word of the Week and you will be encouraged to use this in your lessons and when you are out and about in school (or at home).  The Word of the Week will be displayed all over school during the week and achievement points will be awarded for its correct use.  Examples of Word of the Week are below:

Word of the Week Meaning / Definition
Verbose (adjective) containing an excessive amount of words
Labyrinth (noun) a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze
Ruminate (verb) to think deeply about something
Translucent (adjective) not completely  clear, but enough to let light pass through
Juxtaposition (noun) the intentional placing of two things side-by-side for effect
Salubrious (adjective) favourable to or promoting health or well-being
Behemoth (noun) any creature or thing of monstrous size or power
Aplomb (noun) self-confidence, especially in a demanding situation

To help improve your literacy we encourage you to read at home as often as possible. Some of your lessons in Year 7 will be D.E.A.R lessons (Drop Everything And Read), in which we will ask you to bring a book in to read. If you don’t have a book you can use your library card to borrow one from the school library.   Glyn is a place where reading and writing skills are seen as being very important in all of your subjects, so you must make sure that your literacy is the best it can be all of the time, in all of your subjects.  Below is our Year 7 reading list.  There are lots of excellent books to read, why not try a few over the summer holidays.

Click here for a copy of the Year 7 reading list

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