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The Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team 17

James Peters, James Kelly, Lucie Begbie, Anya Losyk, Lewis Rogerson, Tom Ralton, Niya Ivanova, Lily Kyle


Lewis Rogerson, Head Boy:

‘Tenax Propositi Ulteriora Peto’
‘Firm of Purpose I seek nothing but the best’. These are the words written 90 years ago and still woven into every student’s blazer. I believe that this motto both encapsulates what it means to be a Glyn Student as well as proving that Glyn’s values have stood the test of time.
Indeed, Glyn’s uniqueness is derived from its long history and great traditions since it was founded in 1927. But intertwined with the vast history is an incredibly strong community spirit, present in both staff and students alike. Nothing has been more reflective of these values than the plethora of opportunities and activities that occur throughout the academic year. With myriad House competitions, clubs and experiences covering both academia and sport, there are opportunities outside of the classroom that everyone can be a part of.  From Chess Club to Horticulture Society and House Spelling Bee to House Softball, all interests are catered for to ensure that every student can truly nurture their passions into skills to be taken forward for the rest of their lives. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of countless staff, who sacrifice large amounts of time for the betterment of all the students.
Throughout my time at Glyn, I have been fortunate enough to prosper from participating in such occasions as House Music and House Badminton, as well as benefitting from societies such as Debating Club and Public Speaking Club. Alongside this, I’ve been fortunate enough to go on numerous trips, including a geography trip to Naples, a history trip to Belgium and a science trip to Switzerland, all of which have led to an intently enriching 6 years thus far.
Last year saw Glyn’s 90th Anniversary celebrations, which epitomised the link between Glyn’s historical ties and broad community. Students, both past and present, congregated for an evening of music, drama and food. There were over 30 soloists and ensembles, excerpts from the School Production and delicious food made by the fantastic catering staff, all accompanied by current at former students from across the world. Adjoined to this was a fantastic mini-museum of all the Glyn archives and artefacts dating back to when the school was founded.
Events such as the Glyn 90th Celebrations exemplify why Glyn is so special. After all, a school is not just a place where students learn and where teachers teach. A school is a community of staff and students working together to achieve, enjoy and succeed. We are incredibly lucky to be a school of excellent education, with grades above the national average and two consecutive ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED ratings. But grades are not what makes Glyn special. What makes Glyn special is a community spirit that is so strong, it binds students together for decades, making every student proud to be a member of Glyn.
So, it gives me great privilege to be Head Boy for the forthcoming academic year, where I will work hard to represent the student body. In doing so, I hope to leave my own mark on an institution that is close to my heart. But, one thing is for sure, that the unyielding community spirit between each and every student will continue to make Glyn so special and unique.

Anya Losyk, Head Girl:

Before I came to Glyn I attended a very small school (smaller than Glyn’s sixth form!) so the idea of going into such a big environment was very daunting, but definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Even in the first weeks of September I was quickly settled and realised that Glyn was the best learning environment for my last two years at school and to complete my A levels. What I found the most appealing about the school was the focus not just on academia but also on ‘school spirit’ and extra curricula achievements in sport and many other activities.  So far Glyn has given me some amazing opportunities, experiences, friends and a great foundation to hopefully achieve success in my A levels and next steps after school.
In my first term of Glyn I was very eager to get involved in all the school had to offer- especially the successful Glyn netball team, the Speakers Club and the Sport Coaching Programme. I felt it was essential to get involved in the school in order to fully enjoy my time at Glyn and to get to know as many different people as I could.   As a result, I have been lucky enough to go on two netball tours with the team to Wales and Malta and the Speakers Club enabled me to improve my public speaking and prepare for my speeches as Head Girl. Moreover, most importantly it allowed me to meet some amazing friends and have a place in our brilliant school community.
One of the best features of Glyn’s learning is the hard working teachers who are dedicated to helping each individual try and achieve to the best of their abilities, which is shown through the work in stretch tasks and homework. Even though Sixth Form is mostly about independent learning, I have always felt supported and able to ask for help if needed.  It is clear why Glyn has achieved an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted Report through the impeccable teaching standards and learning environment.
To end, I am very grateful and proud to have been elected as Glyn’s Head Girl. My main aim for my time in this position is to try and make sure that Glyn offers something for everyone- whether you love maths, English, science or sport- to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and great experience at school, just like I have had.  I truly believe that success can’t happen without enjoyment and that is why I feel that Glyn’s relaxed but academic environment is a great place to be.