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The Student Leadership Team


Student Leadership Team July 2018

Emma, Phoebe, Emily, Becky, James, Tomas, Marcus, Ben

James, Head Boy

The basis of any successful school is the education it provides its students, and this is an area where Glyn School triumphs. Year after year, the results Glyn School students achieve, set a new benchmark of achievement for students to aspire to. Adorning the walls of Glyn's great Proctor Hall, are the countless names of students who have achieved an undisputed educational and intellectual goal: becoming a student of the great universities of Oxford and Cambridge. These educational successes come from the infinite dedication, selflessness and commitment provided by all Glyn staff members; who all share a common goal: what are the interests of Glyn School students? However, it's not just a prosperous history of educational accomplishment Glyn School prides itself on.


For just as long as Glyn School has taught its students in the classrooms, it has also been teaching important lessons on the sports field. Footballers, Rugby players, Swimmers, Athletes and countless others have had their talents and abilities nurtured throughout their time at Glyn School. The culture of sport at Glyn School is fundamentally magnificent, students in Year 7 aspire to wear the dark blue of our Sixth Form football and rugby teams. Sports day isn't just a day of fun, it's a heated competition with all students striving to do their best to help their house win the Victor Le Dorum (Our House Cup) and even the Games lessons at a muddy Priest Hill are soaked in enjoyment and passion. Sport at Glyn School is something to behold and something I am proud to be a part of. However, none of that could be achieved without our staff dedicating their time to our students, and thanks to their dedication Glyn School is able to promote a lot of sporting success.


If sport is not for you there are limitless clubs and societies to become a part of within our Glyn School community. Annually, Glyn School sports a fantastic theatre production, most recently we were presented with a brilliant production of the famous "Guys and Dolls." Over 30 Glyn students took to the stage to provide us with a whimsical performance. It also involved help from Glyn School students behind the scenes who formed the production team. This including: lighting, sound, set design, stage hands as well as many other roles. So, even if being on stage isn't for you, you can still be a part of our wondrous productions. Similarly, Glyn's School music department prides itself on a concert every year, where students can display their musical talents to an appreciative audience.


Students at Glyn School are welcomed into a culture that is unlike any other I have been a part of, it inhibits both comradery and competition, an inclusive nature where everyone feels welcome and valued, and a desire to achieve. This culture is so strong, and has such an overwhelming impact on our students; some try to stay a part of it for as long as they can. This is seen with our wondrous community of the Old Glynians - as well as the accompanying teams.


In the next academic year, I hope to continue to represent Glyn, whether that be through my Head Boy duties, on the rugby pitch at Priest Hill or wearing the blazer on my commute home from school. This school not only has a special place in my heart, but also in my blood, my father and elder cousin being a student here before me. The spirit this school encapsulates is undoubtedly what makes it a pleasure to attend every day.



Rebecca, Head Girl



I joined Glyn from another school and coming into a new environment, I was a bit apprehensive of what Glyn School life would be like for me. I had heard all about the academic success stories of how Glyn had helped students achieve and after attending the open evening I became intrigued to know how they could help me achieve my potential. Within the first weeks of joining Sixth Form, I had settled in and was surprised at the speed I had done so, I really felt like I had been at Glyn School forever and knew immediately that I had made the right decision to choose Glyn.


The school has given me the chance to meet new people and make friends, the staff are welcoming and supportive and that was part of the reason why I settled in so quickly. The feedback staff offer is excellent, teachers are very focussed on helping us to achieve our academic and personal goals. In Sixth Form the emphasis is about independent learning which will prepare you for your next steps in life whether it be University, an apprenticeship or work. The school create personalised next steps for each student helping us to be organised and prepared for all that lies ahead. Along with outstanding and enthusiastic teaching, staff go beyond to help us.


An element that I found most appealing about the school was the comfortable and concentrated learning environment which would prepare me the best for my A Levels. Glyn is enriched with extracurricular activities and the extensive range of clubs means there is something for every student. Whether your interests lie in sports, the creative arts, maths, science or tech there is something for everyone. Glyn School provides every student with a range of opportunities and there is always something to get involved with. I have a passion for flying and have always been interested in the military, so I joined the combined cadet force at Glyn School. I have become a Corporal and this has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and learn new skills. Through this extracurricular activity, I was able to go to RAF base Henlow that provided a range of activities. I also attend Speakers Club, which means I get to enjoy and have the confidence to speak in public as well as get preparation for my own speeches for Head Girl, a skill I am confident that I will use in later life. I have also enjoyed getting involved in community events and helping Glyn School to raise money for local charities. It was at these fundraisers that I was able to meet new people. Whilst studying at Glyn School I am also completing my pilots licence.


The school have been incredibly supportive in making sure my education comes first whilst giving me the independence to go on and accomplish my goal of becoming a pilot. I am a big believer in trying something new and embarking on new challenges and just giving things in life a go, which Glyn School provides for every student who attends here. I am extremely privileged and honoured to be Head Girl at Glyn School.


For the next academic year I will do my upmost best to make sure that Glyn School continues to be the best choice for pupils. I want to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience at school like I have myself. I look forward to working hard together with the leadership team to represent the school and to guarantee that Glyn School remains a successful school for many years to come.