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darker colour logoGlyn Teaching School is registered as an NQT Awarding Body.

We offer a highly competitive accreditation package (£275 per NQT) for primary and secondary NQTs, which includes:

  • An induction meeting for NQTs
  • A twilight mentor and assessor training session
  • An easy to use online assessment system
  • The NQT handbook
  • Networking opportunities
  • An annual Quality Assurance visit
  • Half a day of support, designed to fit the needs of the NQT and/or school

We can also offer bespoke additional support including:

  • NQT CPD package (6 hours throughout the year)
  • effective lesson observation training for mentors
  • a dedicated support package for NQTs who are not making satisfactory progress
  • termly assessment including lesson observation, review of evidence and report write up

For more details, click on the flyer below:

NQT Accreditation

If you would like to register NQTs through us (including throughout the year) or would like more information, please email

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