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Head Boy & Head Girl's Welcome




Head Girl Welcome

Coming to a new school can be an exciting but daunting experience.  As an external student, I know first-hand the challenge a new environment can present.  When choosing where to study for my A Levels, I was unsure whether I would move or not, however after three challenging but welcoming induction days, I made my decision.  I joined the Sixth Form last year with the intentions of reaching my potential and building new friendships in the community my brother has commended so highly during his time at Glyn School.

My first day at Glyn was overwhelming but the seemingly intimidating task of settling in was quickly eased by the welcoming ethos of the school and the abundance of support I received from both students and staff.  Glyn is such a special place and this is evident in the outstanding level of opportunity and celebration which is regarded so highly here.  This integral sense of inclusion ensures that everyone`s achievements are celebrated, whether it is sport or the creative arts, Glyn caters to everyone`s needs.

Throughout my short yet memorable time here, I have been impressed by the passion and enthusiasm shown by the attentive teachers in every lesson.  Every student is encouraged and motivated to achieve their full potential.  Glyn`s ethos is founded upon integrity, respect and enjoyment; these are all values which are constantly demonstrated in the innovative and enjoyable lessons.

Opportunity is vast at Glyn School and is not something we take for granted.  With a wide range of clubs and societies, students are encouraged to try new things in a creative and challenging environment.  Equally, House events and competitions engage everyone and further the enjoyment students have at Glyn.  The strong athletic culture, alongside the talent in the inspiring Music Department, give many people the opportunity to succeed in a non-academic environment.  As a Drama student, I was keen to be a part of the vibrant production of `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory` which was so much fun and was a lovely way to get to know people in the younger years.

Although my time at Glyn will be short lived, I am grateful for the generous support from my teachers and the endless opportunities I have received from such a successful and welcoming community.  I have made so many memories and the school has evoked a sense of gratitude and confidence which I know will stay with me in the future.  This makes me all the more proud to represent Glyn School as Head Girl.

Olivia Buckley, Head Girl


Head Boy Welcome

As we move towards Glyn`s 90th Anniversary, it seems appropriate to reflect upon the astonishing range of achievements, endeavours and opportunities that life at Glyn School has seen.  As a school with a proud history, students at Glyn feel a strong sense of community, whether it be through the numerous House events run throughout the year, or through the trips and events held outside of the school day.  Supporting such communities is a group of dedicated staff who care not only for their students` success, but also for their wellbeing.  The community of Glyn is what makes it such a special place for students, staff and families alike.

A wide range of opportunities allow students to demonstrate their skills beyond the classroom, building confidence through experience, as well as offering them the chance to meet new friends from across the year groups.  Whether it is through music, sports, reading, computing or science clubs, Glyn students always have outlets for creativity, competition and companionship.  We must, of course, appreciate the efforts that go in to allowing such events to take place; the commitment of countless staff to the organisation of such activities is crucial to this school`s sense of community.  Indeed, as a music student, it has been a particular privilege to see the astounding growth of the creative arts at Glyn, where artistic endeavour is prized highly and students given the opportunities to flourish.

As a Glyn student since 2010, I have been lucky to experience the array of activities on offer, having participated in House events in spelling, music, history, science, drama and softball, alongside trips to Russia and southern France.  These activities encourage us to explore new possibilities and enjoy the chance to embrace them; the academic success of Glyn is enriched by these extra-curricular pursuits.

With two `Outstanding` ratings from Ofsted, Glyn evidently maintains an extremely high quality of education, and it is doubtless that the passion of its teachers and the enthusiasm of its students are key factors behind this success.  Academic challenge, after-school support and a wealth of technology to support students all contribute to the `Outstanding` nature of learning at Glyn.

It is, therefore, an absolute privilege for me to be Head Boy, as the school has given so much support to me during my last half-decade at Glyn; without the kindness of its staff, the friendship of its students, and the pride of its past, Glyn would not be Glyn.  I am proud to be able to represent its students, because in doing so I represent the people that make this school so special. 

Jack Pepper, Head Boy