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Student Support

Timetable for Sixth Form Subject Support Sessions

The Glyn Sixth Form team is a firm believer in supporting students to ensure they achieve their full potential. No students will be left behind and there are several stages to the level of support. The outcome of the intervention process is for every student to reach and maintain improved standards of attainment and achievement across all their subjects.

Students who are not meeting their Target Grades will be supported in reviewing their performance regularly and consider what they can do to move forwards. Staff support is substantial but the student must be reflective and self- evaluate before improvement can be made.

What Makes a Successful Sixth Form Student?

Minimum Expectations:

I am equipped for my studies:

·         Files
·         Exercise Books
·         Key Texts (if appropriate)
·         Personal Learning Checklists
·         Course Guides
·         Mark Schemes
·         Record your independent study: Plan to meet your deadlines

Successful habits:

·         I make detailed notes or produce in-depth answers in class
·         I seek advice in class if I require clarification, i.e. ‘ask questions if I don’t understand’
·         I give my independent study time and consideration
·         I submit independent work on time  to ensure I receive constructive feedback quickly
·         I attend additional subject clinics to revisit and support my own learning
·         I summarise my notes into a sophisticated form such as a concept maps
·         I use past papers to prepare for intermediate assessments using the mark scheme to evaluate my own performance 
·         I organise my work in a folder or book using dividers and labels
·         I organise my time effectively by producing an effective and manageable work timetable

Keys to further progress:

·         I organise my own digital opportunities and download additional resources from appropriate sources. I may subscribe to    free podcasts, lectures and papers as appropriate.

Year 12 Learning Licence

Sixth Form Students need to acquire a new set of study skills in order to be successful at A Levels. Key features of independent learning skills will be taught via form time in order for students to gain their Learning Licence.

After the first half term, Form Tutors and the Sixth Form Leadership Team will decide whether students have met the Learning Licence requirements. Those who are successful will become exempt from afternoon registration so that they are able to leave the school site at the end of their last timetabled session and study at home. Students displaying excellent study skills may also request to become exempt from up to two morning form times per fortnight.

If a student does not gain their Learning Licence at the first review point, this will be reviewed at the end of the next half term. Students must demonstrate they can work independently for at least one half term.

Any privileges may be revoked if we believe that the student’s attainment is declining.

Success criteria

Requirements for Learning Licence

Types of evidence that could be demonstrated

Good attendance and punctuality

·         >97% attendance record

·         Absences that are authorised

·         Punctuality record - no more than 3 lates

Utilisation of student checklists

·         Copy of student checklist in folder or online

·         Student has self-assessed

·         Student has shown they have reacted to any amber / red areas by completing further reading or work

Demonstration of organised folders for each subject

·         Specification printed and in folder

·         One folder per subject

·         Dividers or clear sections

·         Organisation demonstrated with work

Engagement with literature outside the specification

·         Notes from reading

·         Awareness of journals / magazines / books

·         Subscription to magazine / journals

·         Extra reading sourced

Homework deadlines met and classwork of a good standard

·         SIMs points checked

·         Teacher recommendation

·         RAG analysis by teacher