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GLF Health and Safety Statement

  1. This policy  testifies to the commitment of GLF Schools to the health and safety of school staff, students and others in its schools, either on school premises or when engaged  on educational  activities, including visits.
  2. This policy sets out the responsibilities and powers of the employer (GLF Schools) and employees (school and centrally-employed staff) for health and safety in its schools. The organisation and arrangements  for carrying  out  duties  are defined  in the GLF Schools' health  and  safety policy  and  procedure which  is written  with regard to DfE guidance  on health and safety for schools.
  3. GLF Schools recognises that trade union safety representatives are legally entitled to consultation and information, to investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences and to carry out  safety inspections  of their workplace.



  1. The LGB and headteachers must establish workable arrangements to:
    • Ensure that  suitable  and sufficient  risk assessments and control  measures exist for all activities under their control
    • Monitor that this policy is implemented effectively
    • Secure effective interventions  to remedy deficiencies
    • Keep adequate records to provide evidence of these actions
    • Comply with monitoring and reporting procedures defined in the GLF Schools' health and safety policy and procedure or otherwise issued in accordance with this policy.
  2. The LGB and headteachers must comply with any direction given to them  by the employer, GLF Schools, concerning the  health  and  safety of  persons on  the  school's  premises  or  taking  part  in  any school activities elsewhere.
  3. The  LGB  and  headteachers  must  ensure  that  all  persons  with   duties  under  this  policy,  including themselves, have sufficient training to understand  and implement its requirements.
  4. Employees, i.e. school staff and those centrally employed, have a responsibility to make sure that they carry out their duties safely without risk to themselves or others. They must also cooperate with others who have duties for health and safety by carrying out instructions and reporting unsafe practices.
  5. Headteachers have delegated responsibility for the day to day management of the school and are responsible for ensuring that health and safety policies and procedures are carried out.


  1. As the employer, GLF Schools has responsibility for setting the health and safety policy and procedures for its schools. It has the power to ensure that this policy is carried out in schools and on all school activities.
  2. GLF Schools has a duty to provide training, information and instruction to staff in those schools and any central services where it is the employer. It has a duty to ensure that staff are trained in their health and safety responsibilities as employees and that those who are delegated health and safety tasks (such as risk assessment) are competent to carry them out.
  3. The Board of Directors will monitor schools' compliance with the health and safety policy to ensure required standards are reached and to take action where they are not.
  4. Where GLF Schools believes the health and safety of anyone on site, or of anybody engaged on school activities off site, is at risk it can make a direction to the LGB and headteacher by specifying action to be taken or requiring the LGB and headteacher to comply with a specific aspect of the health and safety policy.
  5. The Board of Directors will review this policy as necessary and at least every three years.