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Attendance Policy

Dental and Medical Appointments

Parents and carers are asked not to arrange appointments during school sessions, except in cases of urgency, so that considerable interference with school work is avoided. We understand that hospital and orthodontist appointments are often dictated by the clinic or practice. However, please do not keep students out of school for a whole day unless absolutely necessary. Mid-morning or after lunch appointments are preferable and students would be expected to attend school before the appointment and return to school after the appointment.

If an appointment in school time is unavoidable please advise the Attendance Officer in advance of the date via a letter or email to or the Absence Line on 020 8716 4959. Parents may also use Parent Portal (Insight).  On arrival at school or when leaving school, all students must sign in/out at Student Reception. We would respectfully ask that Parent or Carers do not email or contact their son's or daughter's Form Tutor to request days of absence or in connection with medical appointments.

The Attendance Policy for Glyn School can be found on the Our School/Policy Tab, or by clicking here

What happens if a Student Becomes Unwell During the School Day

If your son or daughter becomes unwell during the school day, he or she must ask for permission to go to the school’s Medical Room and, if necessary, parents or carers will be contacted for their son or daughter to go home.  Students must never contact parents or carers directly to make arrangements to go home.

Only the school can authorise absence, on the basis of information provided by parents or carers. Where explanations are not felt to be acceptable, the absence will remain unauthorised and parents or carers informed. Medical paperwork, a letter from your GP or the Hospital, a copy of the prescription issued or package of medicine may be required to cover prolonged absences.