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Teacher Training at Glyn

We think Glyn School is a great place to train to be a teacher.  Have a look at the quotes below from some of our trainees:


"School Direct is definitely the best way to train.  Being thrown in at the deep end provides you with so much exciting possibility from day one and gives you ownership right away."

"I enjoyed having my own classes from the start and really being given the freedom to experiment and explore my own teaching style with lots of experts around giving me ideas and back up."   

"My mentor was amazing, she helped me through tough bits, gave me lots of support when I needed it and pushed me to be more independent when I was ready."

"The support from my mentor was one of the most valuable aspects of my training year. She supported me throughout and in every way possible, always making herself readily available despite her other commitments. Similarly, the entire department and wider school contributed to making me feel well-supported throughout and beyond my training year."


"The summer induction was really useful as it allowed me to get to know my way round the school and spend time with my department."

"The summer induction is an amazing experience. It really shows how much knowledge the rest of the staff have and just how willingly they are to share it."  
  "The training and support that I have received from my department and in CPD sessions has been outstanding- staff are always willing to provide feedback and there is ample opportunity to observe best practice across the school. You will be able to attend weekly training sessions run by teachers at Glyn. These sessions are where you get the best practical advice to help improve your teaching- it is not uncommon at university to attend sessions by people who have not taught for years and whilst they are still very useful, they can not be beaten by the advice of real, current teachers at the top of their game."

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