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Learning and Teaching at Glyn

Learning and Teaching at Glyn School

Learning and Teaching is at the heart of the school. We aim to deliver lessons that inspire and engage students who will then go on to fulfil and exceed their potential. Teachers who have a passion for their subject and build strong relationships with their students cultivate a ‘love of learning’ that ultimately sees the young people we teach make exceptional progress. 

At Glyn we believe students need to be inspired and, by extension, they will develop their own personal love of learning.  We are unashamedly determined in pursuing the values of excellent teaching and learning, and holding true to the simple ethos that the classroom should be an exciting place to be. Lessons should be vibrant and engaging so in turn students are enthusiastic in the pursuit of their goals and go on to make excellent progress. This is fundamental in making progress grow from outstanding to exceptional.

Glyn is an ‘outstanding’ school; to be exceptional is for our students to leave not only with the grades necessary for them to pursue their goals, but also with the life-skills to be individuals who contribute to the community within which they will become adults. Inspirational teaching, in lessons where all students make progress, inspires a life-long love of learning which continues throughout their adult lives.

Learning and Teaching Policy 2018-2019

Our Vocation

Our vocation unites us in our shared goal of excellence in all we do for our students. It drives us to inspire a love of learning and achievement, founded on the virtues of integrity, respect and a desire to succeed.

Our aim is that all students leave us as fully rounded, exceptional young adults, sharing Glyn School’s values, both confident in their ability and holding a determination to shape for the better the communities that they will build for themselves.

Our Craft

Our craft shapes our professionalism. We are proud to continue to learn how to be ‘Great Teachers’; we recognise that ultimately this is how we will best ensure that the young people we teach will make exceptional progress. 

“The only way we can improve teacher quality is to create a culture of continuous improvement. This job … is so hard that one lifetime isn’t enough to master it. All teachers need to improve their practice—not because they are not good enough, but because they can be better. For that reason, we think it is entirely appropriate for teachers to be held accountable for making improvements in their practice.” (Dylan Wiliam)

Every member of Teaching Staff has a CPD Appraisal target to support our culture of teacher development. We measure our professional standards against the deliberate practice we engage in and the impact this has on our students’ progress. 

We sustain a relentless focus on highly effective Learning and Teaching, where inspirational teaching, underpinned by the Glyn Learning and Teaching 7, creates a deep understanding of the curriculum and enables access and challenge for all students.  The classroom must be an exciting place to be that nurtures and cultivates a love of learning, embraces technology for learning and provides a stimulating, engaging learning environment that facilitates outstanding student progress.

Our view of Learning and Teaching

  • ‘Great Teaching’ transforms lives.
  • Glyn students get one, life changing chance at education, so we must ‘make every lesson count’.
  • Exceptional progress and outcomes are secured by effective, evidence informed teaching, which maximises impact in the precious time we have.
  • Learning is hard and is secured in the long term.
  • Great learning takes place when we aim to reduce cognitive load, build stronger, longer lasting memories and teach for transfer so learning is flexible.
  • Expert teachers scaffold students’ internal intellectual architecture to build their self-efficacy and self-regulation.

Our commitment to the Glyn L&T 7

Over the last academic year, our professional learning and CPD sought to make us increasingly evidence informed. For many of us this was a new and significant piece of professional learning. You may wish to refresh, revisit or recap this learning by reading the 6 2018 editions of the ‘What Works?’ Newsletter here and through other links below.

This led us to fundamentally re-examine our understanding of learning, which in turn shaped our view of what makes ‘Great Teaching’ at Glyn School.  This guided the development of the new Glyn L&T 7 Principles, which replaced the ‘6 Steps to Progress’.

Learning and Teaching 2018

Each principle is underpinned by evidence of its effectiveness. “We define effective teaching as that which leads to improved student achievement using outcomes that matter to their future success.” (‘‘What makes great teaching?’ Coe et al 2014.). These principles are designed to support our understanding of why we should develop our practice in the most effective way.  “We have far too many ‘how to’ guides in schools but far too few ‘why to’ guides” (David Didau).

They are not a checklist for a lesson or things we are required to ‘show’ we are doing. “Teachers need to understand theory and evidence of learning and make informed judgements, not comply with rules” (David Weston). As a set of principles, they should be applied to the context of our own classrooms. It is critical that we ensure they are shared, understood and embedded in a meaningful way. 

We are fortunate at Glyn that the quality of teaching is very high; this is partly down to the fact that ongoing teacher development, no matter where a teacher is in their career, is part of the fabric and culture of the school. To this end, Glyn has a team of 10 Lead Practitioners who oversee learning and teaching support and development across different key stages. 

What students say about learning and teaching at Glyn:

“Learning is great - so are the lessons”

“We have some amazing lessons”

“I love learning interesting things in lessons”

“All of the lessons are enjoyable and fun!”

“We have Inspirational staff”

“I make great progress”

What parents say about learning and teaching at Glyn:

“The teachers teach well and engage the students”

“My son is receiving a first class education”

“The focus is on learning and how everything seems achievable”

“He's really enjoying learning new things”

“The teaching is excellent”

“There is a well-rounded approach to equipping boys with life skills as well as an academic focus”

What Ofsted say about Learning and Teaching at Glyn:

“There is much inspirational and outstanding teaching in the school, with the remainder never less than good. “

“Teachers have a real passion for their subjects and have highly effective skills in imparting knowledge and understanding to students at all levels. “

“Teachers know their students very well as individuals, and plan activities which are closely matched to individual strengths while addressing weaknesses in existing learning.”

“As skilled practitioners, teachers very effectively adjust their lesson plans to give a little more time for greater consolidation when needed or speeding up thinking by setting an additional challenge. Consequently, teaching meets the needs of students of all abilities and needs, including disabled students and those who have special educational needs. Students are eager to learn because lessons are exceptionally well organised. Teachers use high quality resources and information sheets.”

“The strong learning ethos incorporates many opportunities for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Consequently, students learn tolerance and respect for others.”

“Almost all parental responses were positive, with some praising the extra help given at examination times and including comments such as, ‘Teachers do everything to support his needs.’

What our mission is at Glyn:

Glyn’s mission is to inspire a love of learning and achievement that is founded on the virtues of integrity, respect and a desire to succeed. Every person is highly valued and expected to achieve their potential, through academic challenge, sporting endeavour and technological innovation.