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Work Experience

Work Experience for Year 12 Students: Monday 16 July – Friday 20 July 2018

A work experience week for Year 12 students is scheduled for the week beginning Monday 16th July 2018.

The main objectives of work experience for Year 12 are:

  • To allow students to experience and understand how commerce and industry operate.
  • To experience the difference in the working and school environment. 
  • To help students to see the relevance of school subjects to the world of work.
  • To help students gain greater self-confidence and maturity.
  • To enable students to find placements that are related to the career/university course they are considering and also to their  subjects and, hopefully, increasing their motivation.
  • To allow them to prepare for their personal statement for their UCAS form for university applications/CV for the workplace.
  • To practice new skills. Soft skills, communication, team working etc.

Relevant work experience is increasingly viewed as an essential part of any good application for Higher Education and the world of work. For candidates equally good on paper applying for courses/jobs, it could well be the work experience placement that tips the balance in favour of one candidate over the other. This is the case more than ever nowadays given the greater competition for places in higher education and for the job market.

On the 13th November 2017 we launched the work experience programme and shared key information with students. Students are encouraged to find their own placements, with support from their families, form tutors and the Sixth Form team. Key details of the process to finding placements is included in the letter.

All students will need to complete a work experience placement form - Download here

Key dates 

  • 13th November – WEX launch and work experience week in form times.
  • 15th January – Form time advice clinics.
  • 9th February – Deadline for completed placement form.
  • 16th July – Work Experience week.


How to find a work experience placement

  • Ask friends or family for support.
  • Ask teachers or Sixth Form team for contacts.
  • Apply to a work experience scheme online.
  • Send a speculative letter or email direct to a firm.
  • Join LinkedIn and ask companies directly.
  • Get your CV and cover letter work experience ready (see below for further information).

If you need further support to finding a work experience see the links below


CV support and guidance - Download here