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Years 8 & 9 Options Evening Thursday 22 February

We look forward to seeing Year 8 and Year 9 students, Parents and Carers this evening, Thursday 22 February 2018.

The Year 8 presentation will take place in the Sports Hall at 6pm followed by an opportuntiy for students to visit Faculty areas until 7.30pm.

The Year 9 presentation will take place in the Sports Hall at 7pm followed by an opportunity for students to visit Faculty areas until 8.30pm.

We strive to show consideration to our neighbours and with this in mind, please may we ask Parents and Carers to park a short distance from the school avoiding parking across residents’ driveways on The Kingsway and surrounding roads.  Residents who live near the small triangular green at the top of The Kingsway/Ewell Road, politely ask that no Glyn cars park in such a way to block access to their properties.  Hessle Grove is a designated Private Road and, as such, no Glyn vehicles are permitted access and drivers are asked to refrain from using the top of Hessle Grove.  Taking into account the limited capacity for parking in the school’s car park, we would please ask you to park in the Weston Road/Kiln Lane area.  It is worth noting that Sainsbury’s are now operating parking regulations and financial penalties are imposed if stays exceed three hours. Once you have parked in Sainsbury’s for a total of three hours in one day, you must then leave the car park for at least one hour before returning