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Celebrating GCSE success

They have secured fantastic outcomes, significantly above national averages in terms of raw attainment, notably with 87% of students securing a grade 4 or better in Maths and a remarkable 93% of students securing similar grades in English. 
Early analysis suggests also that our Progress 8 measure will be significantly higher than last year and our best on record. 
Headteacher Matt Duffield said: "Myself and all the staff and governors at Glyn are incredibly proud of all of our students today with the publication of their GCSE and BTEC results, and in particular the outstanding levels of progress demonstrated by these figures.
"We are delighted that the vast majority of our students have chosen to remain at Glyn to continue with their A Level and Level 3 BTEC studies. We also look forward to welcoming tomorrow our external applicants for Sixth Form enrolment.
"All of today's results reflect the long term efforts of students and staff alike. Their professionalism, commitment and hard work has been remarkable, and naturally we are also hugely grateful to our parents for the significant support they have given to their sons throughout their studies."
Our top attainers this year were Jack (nine 9 grades and one 5), Manab (eight 9 grades and two 8s), Daniel (seven 9 grades and two 8s), and Ewan (seven 9 grades, one 8, two 7s). 
Grinning from ear to ear, Jack admitted feeling great after collecting his results. He is staying on at Glyn to study history, politics and Maths.
"I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty happy about these grades. I had quite a good idea that I'd done well but I thought I'd be a bit more nervous coming in today.
"I was really pleased with my history grade because I want to do it in further education so really wanted to nail it at GCSE."
Jack, who has been at Glyn since Year 7, added: "I think it's the competition amongst classmates and the support from my teachers that has helped drive me to get these results today."
As for Daniel, who is staying at Glyn to study Maths, further Maths, and physics, he is hoping to use these results as a springbroad to future success.
"I was expecting to get a couple of sevens, a couple of eights and the rest nines so to get the results I did, I'm delighted. It's well above what I'd hoped," he said.
"I was nervous coming in today but also excited to see what I got. I'm staying at Glyn for A Level and then I hope to go to University and then I want to do programming or computer modelling. These results are a huge step towards this goal."
Other outstanding achievers this year were Elliot (six 9s, two 8s, one 6, and one A), Oliver (six 9s, three 8s, one 6), and Cameron (six 9s, two 8s, one 6, and one A).
Fahim and Oliver were also celebrating after they got three grades per subject higher than expected while Majid, Ben, Oscar, Kishan, Ewan all secured two and a half grades per subject higher than expected.
Fahim, who is hoping to stay on at Glyn to study Maths, physics, and chemistry at A Level, said: "I am really, really pleased today. I was predicted to get sixes and sevens but I got nines and I was delighted with my nine in Biology."

And students who got two grades per subject higher than expected were David, Cameron, Oliver, Christopher, Rohan, William, Faraz, Owen, Hrishi, Thomas, David, Cameron, Christopher.