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Duke of Edinburgh Awards Congratulations

I always have a great sense of pride in students when they complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE).  This is due to the hard work and diligence I know students have put in to achieve the award. 

The  Duke of Edinburgh Award requires participants to undertake numerous life skills which are designed to ensure that those who finally achieve the award have truly deserved it. Participants must:

· Commit to helping within the community through volunteering, which many students choose to continue after they have completed their DofE Award.

· Learning  a new skill, such as mastering the art of cooking or playing a musical instrument.

· Find a physical activity that engages them.

· Undertake an expedition, which entails working as a team, planning, endurance and resilience. 

All the students that I have listed below started their DofE awards in last academic year and have had their awards verified prior to the end of last term so that we could present their certificates. So far, 17 students have obtained the Bronze Award and two have completed the Silver Award.

Gold Awards understandably take longer to complete. I had the pleasure of informing two former students that their Gold DofE Awards had been verified and that they would shortly be invited to St James’s Palace, London,  to receive their certificates.  Until 2017, Gold DofE awards were presented by the founder of the awards, HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, himself. Now the Gold Awards are presented by Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, who has followed in his father’s footsteps as the head of the organisation.

Bronze Award: Dyaln 10B, Adam 10M, Dan 10T, Luka 10M, Ben 10SB, Lukas 10A, Tom 10T, Kane 10C, Henry 10B, Adam 10B,  Laurence 10M, Lewis 10SB, Isaiah 10D, Noah 10C, Jack 10SB,    Joe 10D and James 10O.

Silver Awards: Alex 11D and Harvey 11B.

Gold Awards: Former students, Zachary and Joel.

Students are invited to wear their Duke of Edinburgh badge on their school blazer.

Congratulations to you all, and I look forward to issuing more  certificates at the beginning of next term.

Current Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Students

Students who are currently undertaking their Silver DofE Award are encouraged to upload assessor reports online before we break up for the Easter holidays. Please see me, or Miss Stokes, if you require any assistance with completing your evidence.

Ms Wilson-David, Coordinator of CCF and Duke of Edinburgh