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Breck Award and Radio Interview for Kai

I was delighted to hear further news of the wonderful work Kye 10A does to promote online safety and awareness. Kye has already received accolades for his work with the Breck Foundation charity, including talks to other schools; it is a huge undertaking for a young person to speak in public to such large audiences.

On Thursday 4 April, Kye was invited to Radio Jackie’s office, Tolworth, to speak to presenter Iona Stewart-Richardson about his work with the Breck Foundation to keep young people safe whilst online. The interview was recorded and will be played on air throughout the day today, Friday 5 April.

In a particularly special week, Kye was invited to the launch of the new Breck Foundation safety video on Tuesday evening at Dolby Theatre, London, where he was surprised to be a given a further award for his ‘contribution to the Breck Foundation.’

Kye has made it his mission to spread the word about remaining safe online, and no one can help but be impressed by his utter commitment to doing so.

Breack Award for Kai

Marion Meadows, Publicity Officer