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Remembrance - Friday 9 November 2018

We held our annual Service of Remembrance to pay tribute to the 32 Glyn Old Boys who fell in World War II, and to Major Paul Harding who died 10 years ago in the Iraq War. 

The service, which was attended by staff, Year 8 students, and some students from Year 12, was led by Mr Duffield, Headteacher, and supported by Mr Ward, Associate Headteacher, James Besley-Tyrrell, Head Boy, and Rebecca Norman, Head Girl. Also in attendance for the service was Paul Skipp, representing the Old Glynians, and Bernard and Audrey  Richards, brother and sister in law of Eric Richards, one of the Glyn Old Boys who fell in World War II.

Paul Skipp laid a wreath on behalf of the Old Glynians.


Old Glynians Dinner 2018

We held our annual Old Glynians' Reunion Dinner in The Proctor Hall in April 2018

This year we marked our 80th anniversary and were delighted to welcome a number of special guests, including past Headteachers and past Chairs of Governors. Also present were three groups of 'younger' Old Glynians who left in the '80s and '90s, helping to swell the numbers to 138, the highest on record.

We enjoyed a splendid meal with wine and convivial company and were treated to a number of speeches, including two from Lily Kyle and James Kelly, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy, and Alex Summers, Head of History,  who gave a remarkable talk on his incomparable research into old Glyn School students lost in war. The evening was enhanced, as always, by our House Captains from Year 11 who served at table and conducted themselves in an exemplary manner.

Any Old Glynians who would like to join us for the first time at the 2019 Dinner on Friday 22 March 2019 would be assured of a warm welcome. Please contact the Honorary Secretary, Paul Skipp via

Hugh Proctor, President


April 2018

A Message from the New President

Dear Old Glynians

I first joined Glyn in 1979 having had on my interview panel Audrey Cooper, Tommy Dunne and Bryan Collins, the last of whom remains a welcome attendee at our dinners. What a great triumvirate!

After many years of Maths teaching, including following Tommy as Head of Department and being Head of a House which will become clear during the toasts, I retired from full time teaching as an Assistant Head and am now very contentedly spending a final year or two teaching A Level.

When Paul Skipp approached me about taking over as president it was about the same time that Donald Trump was elected and I think we have something in common in that in each case there was no viable alternative!

That said, I was delighted to accept and follow in the footsteps of some remarkable presidents and I'd like to record my thanks to my predecessor, John Gleadall, for his work and his continued presence on the committee.

Enough from me. I very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our 80th anniversary dinner in April, details below, when I hope to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Hugh Proctor


Membership of The Old Glynians’ Association

Membership of TOGA is just £5.00 per annum.

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 TOGA History

This is a "potted" history because compiling anything like a "full" history would depend on the careful trawling-through of the seventy years' worth of archives and interviewing hundreds of members, and former members, for their recollections. There are, in fact, few archives, and most of the people who would be worth interviewing have now passed away. Hence this history is "potted" ! 
Here is an eyewitness account of the inaugural meeting of the Epsom Old Boys' Association written by S White, a former School Captain, in the (short-lived) Association Year-Book of 1963:
"Twenty-five years ago the Old Boys' Association was formed. I remember, as though it were yesterday, the inaugural meeting held under the chairmanship of the school's first Headmaster, the late Mr F L Clark. From the staff we had Dr Neave and Messrs Dawkins, Richards and Hardy, who were all to prove such friends and supporters in the years to come. Of the old boys present I remember particularly such stalwarts as Roy Cantwell, Ron Wallis, Dennis Roberts, Reg Perry, Ron King and others who still, twenty-five years later, are taking an interest in the Association's activities. Dr Neave, as I remember, was elected Association Chairman, and my brother and I took on the job of joint honorary secretaries. 
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Honourable Secretary: Mr Paul Skipp

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