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Glyn Arts' Evening

“Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love!”

A glorious summer evening blessed us on Wednesday for the annual Glyn Creative Arts evening when we were joined by Cllr Elizabeth Frost and Cllr Christopher Frost, the Mayor and Consort of Epsom & Ewell, as we celebrated students’ work across the arts.

During the evening we were treated to a wonderful display of GCSE and A Level Art, Design Technology coursework, heart-warming musical performances, a very comical drama performance by the Junior Drama Club, hand-made canapés by GCSE Food Preparation and  Nutrition students, and poetry readings by students who had won the Tony Cooper Poetry and Prose Competition.  The warm evening sun, together with summery refreshments of elderflower cordial, Pimms and lemonade, strawberries with cream and cup cakes, gave the evening a relaxed atmosphere as guests wandered through the various and varied exhibitions.

This year, for the first time since the event’s inauguration in 2009, we were able to display the A Level artwork in the Turner Wing, an area previously occupied by Glyn’s Sixth Form, and most recently by our GLF colleagues. With light flooding in through the glass-fronted window (and a spiral staircase, no less!) the location gave students’ artwork the prestigious location their work deserved. The standard of work was phenomenally high, with their skills on display, many on huge canvases, across the two floors.

In The Proctor Hall, guests were able to wander through the vast array of GCSE art work on display; so many pieces here would not have looked out of place with the A Level work. Students’ work demonstrated their understanding of form and composition, as well as depth of meaning in their art. As always, the Design Technology coursework also on display in The Proctor Hall was extremely impressive. Students’ pieces showed huge imagination, precision and skill, with many items coveted by all who saw them. GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students demonstrated their    skills by making and serving six different types of canapés during the evening, each of which was just as attractive to look at as they were delicious to eat.

The fabulous weather afforded the opportunity for our musical and dramatic students to perform outside in the school Quad, which always adds a feel-good element to the evening; I feel certain that students will have enjoyed performing in such a pretty setting.  The calibre of the musical performances was a real credit to the students and staff, which was borne out by the applause of a very appreciative audience.  Tickling our ribs with their version of ‘More Grimm Tales’, the 12 Drama Club students who took to the stage (or rather, grass!) filled the Quad with their voices and personalities, often improvising to great effect.

Each year, the English department runs a poetry and prose competition in memory of a dear colleague, Tony Cooper. The poems were on display, but it is a great credit to the six winning students that they stood up to read their pieces to the audience. Their work showed great maturity and passion and the small gift tokens which were presented to them by the Mayor were well deserved.

Congratulations to all students who performed last night, to the Prefects who helped throughout the evening and to the staff who do so much to showcase our talented students. The event was a true celebration of Glyn Arts and it would be impossible to cite a favourite item from the evening, since they all enthralled and impressed me. However, the Concert’s Band’s rendition of ‘Feeling Good’ summed up the whole event and could not have been a more appropriate way to end the evening.


Marion Meadows, Publicity Officer

Glyn Arts Evening 2017