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Lost Property


Below is a summary of how lost property is dealt with at Glyn School.   We appreciate that replacing lost uniform and equipment is expensive and hopefully these guidelines will assist your son or daughter in retrieving any items they may misplace.  Staff members are unable to search for student’s lost property and the onus is on students to take responsibility for their own property.  When students lose property they should visit and look in the classroom or area where they believe the property was left.  If they do not find their property they should then go to Student Reception.   

All lost property with a name tag that is handed into Student Reception will be returned to its rightful owner by the Student Receptionists.  Lost property that is handed into Student Reception and is not labelled will be held for four weeks.  At the end of this period all lost property will be disposed of.   

If your son or daughter misplaces any property at Priest Hill or in the Sports Hall they should first check the Lost Property cupboards at these locations.  At the end of each half term and full term the lost property cupboards at both locations will be emptied and the contents will be brought back to Student Reception.   Items of lost property that are labelled will be returned to their rightful owners by the Student Receptionists.   Unlabelled items will be held for four weeks and then disposed of.   

Please remember there are approximately 1,800 students at Glyn School wearing the same uniform.  We cannot recognise items as belonging to a particular person if it is not labelled.  If property is labelled, it can be promptly returned to its owner via our Student Receptionists, thus avoiding distress and a costly replacement.

Labelling uniform is very easy to do, name tapes are best, even iron-on tapes, however, if you do not have these, just write on the label or inside trainers or shoes with a good quality laundry marker pen or permanent marker pen.  Please use full name or initial and surname, rather than just a first name e.g. J Jones is much better than John.  Washing does erase marker pens, so please check that your son or daughter’s name has not faded on their belongings.

If you require further information regarding lost property please email

Thank you for your co-operation