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The next round of challenges. Exercise...Who is keeping fit at the moment?


I am delighted to let you know that two former Glyn School students (Old Glynians) have recently been awarded New Year Honours. Congratulations to Neil Dallen and Bob Chappell:

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Are you feeling well rested after your 8hrs sleep? Today you can put that renewed focus to the test. Don’t forget to share your art work with us.

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Lack of sleep has a huge impact on our mental health and emotional state. Make sure you get enough.


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On Feb 27th, the Danish Govt shared the seriousness of Covid 19 with the public in a sobering press conference. On March 11th, with 500 cases and 0 deaths, the Country went into lockdown. “Trust has been key to Denmark’s response”

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Some quality time watching a movie.

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. The WWF would be a good place to look, you might even want to adopt one...


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A look back to the 2019-2020 Rugby season as well as the awards for Player and Players' player of the year. WATCH HERE:

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. Will my park be a magical one or a scary one?

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. Art and English in one. Don’t forget to share your efforts with us.

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A bit of research today. Thinking about the places you want to visit throughout your life. What is your number 1 place to visit?#GlynDailyChallenge

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Let us never forget the sacrifices made by that great generation Dad served 30+ years and all of WW2. To the day he died, he did not speak of the war to me -the pain lived on in their post war lives.

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Letting somebody know you appreciate them.

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Make sure you wash your hands prior to starting. We would love to see your efforts. .

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Maybe a little more than a room, but make sure you are helping out in some way.

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Try and make this one a game where you can speak to each other.


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Missed the decision to keep Irish schools closed until September. Sensible?

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This could be for a family member or friend. A card might make a nice change to all the ‘virtual’ communication going on at the moment.

The House System

When you start at Glyn School you will be put into one of eight Houses:

Abbey, Bourne, Carew, Derby, Merton, Oaks, St Benet, Tudor.

The Houses are made up of one Form group from Years 7 to 13.

The sense of community in each House is very important and you will soon get to know the other students in your Tutor group very well over the first few months, as well as the older students in your House who will be able to help and support you as you settle in.  Each House has a House Captain, Community Captain and Sports Captain in Year 11 and Senior Prefects in the Sixth Form.

House Competitions

Throughout the year, there are many House competitions such as Spelling Bee, House Debating, House Music as well as many Sporting events, so there is literally something for you all to get involved in even if you’re not sporty. The students in the roles as House/Sports Captain and Senior Prefects have gained these positions by being actively involved in their House from day one.

House Reward System

We award Achievement points to reward students’ effort and behaviour, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Achievement points go towards a grand total for your House. At the end of the academic year in July, the House with the most points wins the coveted Victor Ludorum Trophy.

The Victor Ludorum Trophy

Each year, the Houses compete against each other for the Victor Ludorum Trophy. The winner of this prestigious prize is the House which scores the most points from the House Competitions and achievement points combined. The current holders are Bourne House, but this year it’s already very tight at the top. Will you be entering the Champion House?