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The next round of challenges. Exercise...Who is keeping fit at the moment?


I am delighted to let you know that two former Glyn School students (Old Glynians) have recently been awarded New Year Honours. Congratulations to Neil Dallen and Bob Chappell:

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Are you feeling well rested after your 8hrs sleep? Today you can put that renewed focus to the test. Don’t forget to share your art work with us.

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Lack of sleep has a huge impact on our mental health and emotional state. Make sure you get enough.


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On Feb 27th, the Danish Govt shared the seriousness of Covid 19 with the public in a sobering press conference. On March 11th, with 500 cases and 0 deaths, the Country went into lockdown. “Trust has been key to Denmark’s response”

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Some quality time watching a movie.

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. The WWF would be a good place to look, you might even want to adopt one...


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A look back to the 2019-2020 Rugby season as well as the awards for Player and Players' player of the year. WATCH HERE:

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. Will my park be a magical one or a scary one?

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. Art and English in one. Don’t forget to share your efforts with us.

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A bit of research today. Thinking about the places you want to visit throughout your life. What is your number 1 place to visit?#GlynDailyChallenge

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Let us never forget the sacrifices made by that great generation Dad served 30+ years and all of WW2. To the day he died, he did not speak of the war to me -the pain lived on in their post war lives.

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Letting somebody know you appreciate them.

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Make sure you wash your hands prior to starting. We would love to see your efforts. .

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Maybe a little more than a room, but make sure you are helping out in some way.

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Try and make this one a game where you can speak to each other.


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Missed the decision to keep Irish schools closed until September. Sensible?

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This could be for a family member or friend. A card might make a nice change to all the ‘virtual’ communication going on at the moment.

Getting Involved

Extra-Curricular and School Clubs

There are plenty of opportunities at Glyn School to join clubs and to get involved in extra-curricular activities. The full list is published at the start of each year, so watch out in September for the activities and clubs you will be able to join.  

If you are musical, there is a different club on offer each lunchtime in the Music Department. Soul Band, Ukulele Group and Junior Band are just three examples. Students who join these clubs will then also have the chance to perform in a variety of concerts, such as the Spring Concert, Creative Arts Evening and the Christmas Carol Concert. There is also an opportunity to apply to be part of the Year 7 Band initiative which enables you to learn a musical instrument in small groups for a reduced cost, and also to be part of a wind band which will perform at several events.  We also have a Glyn Podcast club where students learn to create, record and produce their own podcast shows.

If you enjoy performing, there are many opportunities to get involved with Drama and Theatre at Glyn School.  Drama Club runs every Autumn and Spring term on a Thursday between 3.10 and 4.15pm and taking part in this can lead to a performance at the end of the Spring Term.  We also present a Creative Arts Evening every June. In addition to this, every year we have a whole school production, performed in July. We alternate between performing in the Proctor Hall, Adrian Mann Theatre and Epsom Playhouse.  Last year, our production was ‘School of Rock’ at the Epsom Playhouse, which we performed to over 900 people across two evenings. This follows on from the huge success of ‘Guys and Dolls’ at the Adrian Mann Theatre. We have a cast, crew and band of over 90 students involved from all year groups. We also run and compete in the School Shakespeare Festival every November, having recently performed Hamlet and Macbeth. Rehearsals run from September until the performance in November and are all performed at Leatherhead Theatre.  Further details for 2020-2021 Drama and Theatre opportunities will be published to students, parents and carers.

Other clubs on offer include the IT Club, Lego Club, Reading Club, Drama Club and the Debating Club to name just a few.

The clubs run before school, at lunchtime and after school….there is literally something for everyone!

Whichever clubs you belong to, these are a great way to make new friends and to take part in something fun.

School Teams

Every Saturday morning Glyn School fields many sports teams. The range of sporting activities in which you can participate at Glyn School is truly impressive. In recent terms we have sent our students to represent the school in track and field events, cricket, rugby, tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, swimming and of course, in football.

Many year groups have more than one team out representing the school on a Saturday, so you have a great chance to play for the school. Watch out for information on the football and rugby trials.  As soon as we have it, you will find it here.

All sporting teams have regular practices after school and these can be found on the Extra Curricular Timetable which is published at the start of each year.