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Wishing everyone a great October half term holiday. School re-opens at normal time of 8.40am on Monday 1 November - see you then!


Mufti Day - Friday 21 October in aid of the Glyn PSA. Own clothes and voluntary donation of £2 at the gate. Students - do check your blazer pockets for anything you might need, such as Oyster cards or ID badges!


Telephone Lines Down Thurs 21/10 - with regret, our phone lines are down. Please email the school via

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Surrey Police engagement today at Glyn School. Many thanks to for coming to visit.


We are delighted to welcome Year 11 students and their families to our Sixth Form Open Evening this evening - Thurs 14 Oct - from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. Do come along to see our outstanding Sixth Form provision.


Wednesday 13 October - we look forward to welcoming Year 6 pupils and their families to our Open Morning today from 9.30am to 11.00am. Sorry that there is no parking on the school site. Do come along to see our outstanding school.


We look forward to welcoming Year 6 pupils and their families to our Open Mornings from 9.30am to 11.00am Tues 12, Weds 13 and Thurs 14 October (sorry that there is no parking on the school site). We hope you can come along!


We are extremely proud of our Sixth Form curriculum which offers more subject combinations than many other schools, allows for mixing of BTEC and A Level courses, and offers courses not available at other schools, such as Law and Economics. Come along to our Open Evening!


Ewell Village Road Closure - a sink hole has opened up on the junction of Chessington Road and Kingston Road, near the Spring Tavern. The road is closed. Traffic from Ewell West is being diverted through Longmead Road into Epsom. Some bus routes will be on diversion.

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It's China Week in the canteen and the food looks simply wonderful! 吃好喝好!


With regret, our telephone lines are down. Please email any student absences to:


We are delighted that we have more and more activities happening at school again each week! Do take a look at our Glyn Newsletter:


Thurs 23/9 We have been made aware that an incident has taken place earlier today in Blenheim Road. Road closures on Blenheim Road and Almond Road are in place and a number of other roads are closed in Epsom. This may affect journeys home today.


We look forward to welcoming families to our Open Mornings, for entry into Year 7, on Tues 12, Weds 13 and Thurs 14 October 2021. Please see our website for further details and booking form:


We look forward to welcoming current Year 12 students and their Parents and Carers to the Information Evening this evening - Thursday 23 Sept - from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. There will be some parking on the school site.

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No booking required for our Open Evening today (tickets for Headteacher talks handed out on arrival). Simply turn up! Current students and staff will be waiting to show you our outstanding school.


We are delighted to welcome Year 6 families to our Open Evening TODAY from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. Whilst not compulsory, please consider wearing a face covering - thank you. We are delighted to be welcoming families onto the school site!


Less than 24 hours until our Open Evening! Year 6 pupils and their families are welcome to see our school on Thursday 16 September from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

House System

At Glyn School, there are eight Houses which are each run by a designated House Leader.  The House and the colours which identify membership are:

  • Abbey - Light Blue
  • Bourne - Black
  • Carew - Red
  • Derby - Green
  • Merton - Dark Blue
  • Oaks - Orange
  • St Benet - Purple
  • Tudor - Yellow

All students and their Form Tutors are assigned to a specific House when they join the school. Everyone at Glyn School is involved in representing their House and this is demonstrated in many ways: from taking part in a range of House events, wearing the correct uniform, raising money for charities, taking part in community projects and learning new skills to build confidence. Students are proud to wear their House ties. 

The eight houses are linked to our local area and can be viewed in pairs:

There used to be an ABBEY at MERTON which was called Merton Abbey;
The BOURNE river goes through Chertsey, site of a BENEDICTINE monastery;
The TUDOR family named CAREW;
DERBY is named after Lord Derby, the founder of the famous horse race whilst OAKS was the name of his home; in addition to being the name of the prestigious race first held in 1779, the year before the first Epsom Derby.

What do the Houses do?

The Houses are an important part of our community at Glyn and are a central part of school life. Each House is represented in all House events and they are also responsible for co-ordinating community cohesion projects and charitable fund raising for their nominated House charity (chosen by the students) and school charities. 

House Assemblies, led by the House Leaders, take place every half term are used to bring students up to date on forthcoming events, scores, encouragement of good practice and the presentation of awards.

At the end of each term there is also a Whole School Assembly to collectively share the attainment, achievement and successes of Houses, Year groups and individuals.

House Leaders

Our House Leaders play a crucial role within the school and their function is to support the students in their House, to create a sense of community, healthy competition and belonging. 

House Leaders role is to coordinate the House events which take place throughout the year and to organise charity and community projects within our local community and beyond.

Abbey Mr Long
Bourne Mr K Wright
Carew Mr N Miller
Derby Mr P Hazzard
Merton Miss A Thompson
Oaks Miss H Daudi
St Benet Miss A Jade
Tudor Mr G Howard

House Events

House competitions are run by all subject departments and coordinated by the House Leaders.  Each event contributes to the overall yearly winners by giving out House Points for participation and also first, second and third places. The culmination of the House events is reached at the Whole School Sports Day, where many points can be won.  When all the House events are completed, the House points are calculated and the winning House is announced in the final Whole School Assembly at the end of the academic year.  The winning House wins the coveted Victor Ludorum Trophy. 

House Points

House Points are given out both in and out of lessons as Achievement Points to reward student effort in academic, sporting and community endeavours, and students demonstrating the school's key values such as integrity, respect, community and challenge.

Benefits of House System

The House System at Glyn School supports our students by:

  • Fostering integrity, respect and consideration for others throughout the school community.
  • Encouraging positive self-esteem amongst students and promoting the values and ethos of the school community.
  • Providing opportunities for all students (regardless of ability) to take part in a range of activities so that students can realise their full potential.
  • The promotion of student responsibilities, leadership skills and collaboration.
  • The development of students’ personal and social skills and wellbeing.
  • Fostering healthy competition.

Our students are proud and loyal to their Houses, which can still be seen at our Old Glynians' Annual Dinner.  The sense of belonging stays well beyond the five or seven years our students are with us.

House Captains

Towards the end of Year 10, there is an application process for students who wish to be considered as a House Captain. The House Captains participate in organising, promoting and running events. House Captains have regular meetings with their House Leaders and support them by sharing information to the Form groups in their House to ensure that the essence of all the Houses is a prominent feature in the school community. 

House Events 2021 - 2022