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GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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Welcome to the Glyn School Sixth Form website. Whether you are an existing or prospective student, Parent or Carer, this section of the school website will provide you with a wealth of practical information and an overview of our ethos.

The Post-16 journey is extremely important and we are proud to provide our students with an exceptionally comprehensive provision that caters for students of all abilities. We work hard to ensure that the time spent in Years 12 and 13 is not only academically challenging, but also richly rewarding and highly enjoyable. We are also fortunate to benefit from outstanding parental support and this ensures that communication between home and school is frequent and effective.

We are delighted that our Ofsted Inspection of September 2023 identified 

‘Sixth-form provision is of the same high quality as for the rest of the school. Study programmes are appropriate and ambitious. A high proportion of pupils with SEND stay on at the end of Year 11. They are supported extremely well to make the transition into post-16 study. The quality of students’ sixth-form experience is reflected in their strong academic outcomes, progression to universities and high quality apprenticeships’ 

Every Year 12 student embarks on a Personalised Learning Programme after choosing 3 or 4 A Levels or a mixture of BTEC and A Levels . This is the Core of a student’s curriculum. Assistance is provided in making these choices during the Sixth Form applicant meetings held by Senior Staff members by January of Year 11. 

Please be aware when you complete your application you will be asked to select only 3 A levels and there will be a question which asks you to indicate whether you would like to be considered for fourth A Level.  All students who indicate yes to this question will be met for a 1:1 meeting to discuss options and suitability for this additional course.

We offer a stimulating curriculum, with a broad choice of courses providing both academic and vocational pathways. Although our Sixth Formers demonstrate increasing maturity and independence in their studies, we continue to provide the strong pastoral care that we believe underpins their success. This includes a comprehensive programme of support for entry to university, an apprenticeship or employment, tailored to the needs of the individual student. As well as a high standard of teaching, Glyn School provides Sixth Form students with a wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom that help to develop the well-rounded character that is so highly prized by universities and employers alike. Sixth Formers are an integral part of our school community, acting as excellent role models for younger students and great ambassadors for Glyn School.

We are proud of the fact that our Sixth Form is mixed, with just under a third of our intake consisting of girls. We are conscious that joining a predominantly boys' school can be daunting for our new female students and we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our students are valued members of the school community and feel safe and secure. We are proud that our student voice feedback consistently reflects high levels of student satisfaction in relation to our transition programme and support in adapting to Post Compulsory education. 

Sixth Form facilities, located in The Chaloner Building, consist of 18 classrooms, a large common room with cafeteria, as well as a private study area equipped with over 60 computers, both used exclusively by Sixth Form students. 

We are delighted with our A Level results, showing that our students make progress significantly above the national average. Behind the headline figures lie many individual success stories and it is always an immense pleasure for staff to witness students enjoy the success they deserve. From our outgoing Year 13 cohort, 162 students gained a university place, including 50 in Russell Group universities. In addition we have an increasing number of students, pursuing and securing highly sought after apprenticeship opportunities; many of these in salaried positions and with employers committed to financing and supporting degree level education. .Students hugely benefit from the support of our dedicated careers advisor who is available to meet with students to provide impartial advice and guidance regarding next steps. 

We believe that the key to student success is maintaining collaborative relationships with students and their families to ensure that our young people are fully supported as they navigate the challenges posed in this phase of their education. Please do not hesitate to contact myself, or the Sixth Form Team should you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Emma Pearson, Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form