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First sight of the 🏔 ☀️👌🏽 Everyone very excited now! About an hour to go 🚌


Do take a look at this week's Glyn School Newsletter!

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Jay from is currently on site motivating our Year 11 students!


We are delighted to welcome motivational speaker, Jay from Fix Up Seminars, to Glyn Sch today to motivate our Year 11 students as they fast approach their GCSEs!


We look forward to welcoming Students and their Parents and Carers to Year 11 Parents' and Carers' Evening in the Sports Hall from 3.40pm today.


Do take a look at details of our Glyn Parents' and Carers' Academy, with thanks to our Mr Renaldo Lawrence!

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The annual staff netball game BEGINS!


We have oodles of fabulous news in this week's Glyn School Newsletter!

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HTQs (Headteacher's Questions) today at Glyn Parliament. Mr Duffield was held to account regarding homework, vegan options in the canteen and the school's use of plastic.


Do take a look at our latest Glyn Newsletter dated Friday 24 January 2020


Years 7 and 8 Glyn PSA Disco this evening (Fri 24 Jan) from 7.00pm to 8.30pm for those who bought tickets in advance - have fun!


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Some really exciting rugby from sees the score 10-0 with two unconverted tries

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We're celebrating the 200th after-school lecture by Mr Matthews today. An amazing achievement and a fantastic contribution. This afternoon, it's Our Earth - An Historical Journey.

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Great to see Glyn Parliament in full force today!

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Glyn School GCSE PE in full flow ✏️📖


We have an amazing new video about our school (with thanks to Mr L:awrenece) including fabulous aerial views!. We are incredibly lucky to study and work here! Do take a look:


Happy New Year! Students return to school on Monday 6 January by 9.50am for a 10.00am start with Period 2, Week 2. Students should make their way straight to their Period 2 lesson. Thank you.


Tuesday 17 December is Mufti Day and Students' Christmas Fair! Wear your Christmas Jumper and bring a bit of small change - all for charity!


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter - a very busy week, indeed!

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It's all about to begin!

School Catering

At Glyn School we offer an all-day service in our canteen from our early morning breakfast, morning break service, lunch and after school provision...we even offer a take-home service so you can try our food in your own kitchens! 

The Canteen is open from 7.00am to 5.00pm daily. 

The canteen is run by Cucina.  Cucina – pronounced “Cuchina” (the Italian word for kitchen or a place where food is prepared) is a catering company specialising in providing fresh, healthy food in school. We only ever serve food that we would be happy to be served ourselves, which is why we developed our food promises!

Everything is cooked fresh and you can see dishes being freshly prepared, such as home-made pizza served fresh from our pizza oven, fresh bread made on the premises daily and a wide variety of main meals, salads, sandwiches, fruit pots and desserts, as well as mouth-watering homemade muesli bars, muffins and cakes.

All our food is prepared in an environment where nuts and other food allergens are present, so if you have special dietary requirements on a daily basis, please speak to our Chef who will be happy to let you know what you are able to eat and if nothing on the menu is suitable, he will find you an alternative!

Throughout the year we run a variety of theme days.  This year we have had themes on Wimbledon, World Cup, Easter, Halloween, Willy Wonka and Cowboys and Indians to name a few. During our them days we decorate the canteen, dress up and a have specialist menus based around the theme. 

Cucina Themed Events                    

Parent and Carers - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cap the daily amount my child can spend?

If you wish to cap your child’s daily spend in the canteen, please download and complete the Cucina Contact Form below and return it to Student Reception. This will then be forwarded to Cucina and a daily limit will then be applied to your child’s account.

Can I cap the amount of snack items which my son can purchase daily?

If you wish to cap your child’s daily purchase of snack items, please download and complete the Cucina Contact Form below and return it to Student Reception. This will then be forwarded to Cucina and a daily limit will then be applied to your child’s account.

My child is entitled to Free School Meals – how does that work and what are they entitled to receive?

If your child receives Free School Meals, they can choose any two items from the extensive daily menu for his free school meal, regardless of price, in recognition of the importance of meals at school.  To pay for the meal, we will effectively credit your child’s account on a daily basis and this will be avaiable for lunchtime and they will then access the funds via our Biometric Finger Recognition, the same as the other students.

How do I let you know about my child’s dietary requirements?

Cucina are keen to provide a service for all students, so if your child has a particular dietary requirement please download and complete the Cucina Contact Form below and return it to Student Reception. This will then be forwarded to Cucina and a note will be placed on your child’s account. On a daily basis, your child should speak with our Chef to find out which food theya re able to purchase for that day, and they will do their best to cater for this.

Cucina Contact Form

Please click on the image below to obtain a copy of the Cucina Contact Form. 

Cucina Logo

Please return all completed forms to the Head Chef at the Cucina canteen.

Cucina - Allergen Analysis

  • Cucina review their core three week menu cycle on a regular basis and launched their new 2019/2020 menus at the start of this term. 
  • To accompany their menu cycle, they produce an allergen matrix which identifies the 14 allergens which may be present in the dishes.  This goes above and beyond what is required by them under the Information Regulation 2014, but is something they choose to do to provide their customers with enhanced allergen information. 
  • Cucina’s policy is to ask any customers with an allergy to always speak directly to the Executive Chef before making any purchase, as they can advise of any allergens present, or produce a bespoke dish, if required.
  • The allergen information issued to support the 2019/2020 menu cycle is unfortunately no longer 100% accurate, as suppliers have made changes to some of the products we purchase.  We have requested up to date allergen information on all ingredients on our menu, and whilst we wait to receive this, we have taken the decision to remove from display our current allergen posters. 
  • Cucina are still complying with legislation which states that they display notices that if customers have an allergy that they please speak to a member of staff, and that this remains in force.  However, the provision of a more detailed allergen analysis, whilst not required by law, is something they feel helps customers to be better informed and make the right choices for their particular dietary needs.

Cucina state that customers should be assured that this is pre-emptive action they are taking to ensure the safeguarding of all customers is maintained, and not in response to any incident.