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Do take a look at our latest Glyn Newsletter dated Friday 24 January 2020


Years 7 and 8 Glyn PSA Disco this evening (Fri 24 Jan) from 7.00pm to 8.30pm for those who bought tickets in advance - have fun!


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Some really exciting rugby from sees the score 10-0 with two unconverted tries

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We're celebrating the 200th after-school lecture by Mr Matthews today. An amazing achievement and a fantastic contribution. This afternoon, it's Our Earth - An Historical Journey.

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Great to see Glyn Parliament in full force today!

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Glyn School GCSE PE in full flow ✏️📖


We have an amazing new video about our school (with thanks to Mr L:awrenece) including fabulous aerial views!. We are incredibly lucky to study and work here! Do take a look:


Happy New Year! Students return to school on Monday 6 January by 9.50am for a 10.00am start with Period 2, Week 2. Students should make their way straight to their Period 2 lesson. Thank you.


Tuesday 17 December is Mufti Day and Students' Christmas Fair! Wear your Christmas Jumper and bring a bit of small change - all for charity!


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter - a very busy week, indeed!

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It's all about to begin!


Thursday 12 December - hope to see you at the Carol Concert this evening at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to 9pm. A warm welcome awaits.


Thursday 12 December - see you at the Carol Concert this evening! A warm welcome awaits at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to approximately 9pm.

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With the Glyn School Mock Polling Station due to close shortly, how have students voted? Results this space!


The Polls are open! Glyn School's Mock Poll has begun, with polling booths, slips, official counters, as near to the real thing as possible. How will the students vote? Will it reflect the National vote? Results later today!


Great numbers have signed up to the Duke of Edinburgh award at Glyn School…63 Bronze, 30 Silver and 9 Gold. Look out for news on what people are doing for their volunteering, physical and skill sections.


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter!


Year 13 Parents and Carers evening this evening, Thursday 5 December. A warm welcome to families.

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Artist in Residence at The Beacon School Jonathan Braybrook, who is an art teacher at School came to the Beacon School to take up the role of Artist in Residence on Wednesday, 2nd December. He led a master class for our A-Level students in fine art portraiture.



At Glyn School, we believe Homework is an essential part of learning. It has huge potential to support our students in being able to know, understand and do more, well.

It plays a crucial role in supporting students on their journey to independence and being able to self-regulate their own learning. Effective Homework can lead to significant accelerated student progress and has been shown to have the highest impact on secondary school age students.

Homework will be set with a clear purpose, in one of these four areas.

Glyn Homework


The nature of the Homework tasks will vary between subjects, Year groups and topics. The most effective tasks are those which are frequent, short and focused on knowledge which is integral to lessons.


Homework will be set in line with the policy designed by each Faculty/Subject to best suit their curriculum at each Key Stage. For the frequency of each subject’s Homework please refer to our Homework Policy.


Unless stated otherwise, tasks will adhere to the following guidance.

Homework duration guidance

Key Stage

Length of task


Up to 30 minutes


Up to 45 minutes


Up to an hour

Setting Homework

Homework will be set via Google Classroom as an assignment, which indicates that it is a Homework in its title. It is the responsibility of the student to click ‘submitted,’ even if the work does not require a document being uploaded on Google Classroom and will be checked in the lesson. Parents and Carers can become the guardians of their child’s Google Classroom and receive summaries of work set and submitted and ongoing deadlines. Please follow this step by step guide on becoming a Google Classroom guardian. Should you experience any difficulties, please email for set up support.

One core consolidation of learning Homework, for all students, across all subjects, is self-quizzing. This is where students use resources, such as knowledge organisers, to practice retrieving knowledge from memory. Students will receive a self-quizzing book from their Form Tutor. Teachers will set self-quizzing tasks, for students to complete in their self-quizzing book. Completion will be acknowledged through reviewing students’ self-quizzing books and through completion of quizzes, which test their knowledge.

Teachers will model to students what effective self-quizzing looks like in each subject, but there are several self-quizzing techniques, which can be found in our Homework Policy  and in these teacher walk through videos

Self-Quizzing is proven to lead to Great Learning. For more information on how students can become Great Learners please see this digitised document.


Homework Policy 2019