GLF Schools

GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

Pastoral Support

At Glyn School we are fully committed to ensuring that our students feel safe, happy and make progress. Our students having a postive attitude, being engaged and focused on achieveing, both academically and beyond the classroom, is key. Everyone having a shared understanding of our core values, postive relationships and a sense of community, is paramount to helping us achieve this.

Strong pastoral care is a priority in helping us to help our students develop. Our pastoral system is based on a Year Group structure and our team provides both day to day and, where applicable, longer term help to any student who is experincing any difficulities in and out of school. We also have access to additional support and help from outsude agencies, as well as working closely with our SEND Departement. Our pastoral support is set up to ensure that any barriers to our students are removed to enable postive wellbeing and progress.

Heads of Years

Our Form Tutors are led by Heads of Years who are responsible for overseeing student progress and wellbeing.  Heads of Years from Years 7 to 11 and Years 12 to 13 remain with their Year groups as they move through the school.  This allows the Head of Year to build strong relationsahips with our families and to get to know their students well.

Deputy Heads of Years

Each Head of Year is supported by a Deputy Head of Year.  The Deputy Heads of Years have specific roles in working with key groups within each Year group structure.

Form Tutors

Our pastoral structure is based around the Form Tutor, who is a first point of contact and support in school for both parents & carers and students. Form Tutors see the students every day during Form time and, where possible, we try to ensure that they stay with their same group throughout Years 7 to 11 and Years 12 to 13.  This allows Form Tutors to develop a strong and supportive relationship with them.

Form Tutors deliver our PSCHE programme and Next Steps programme during Form time.

Senior Learning Mentors

The pastoral team are supported by non-teaching Senior Learning Mentors, who are available throughout the day to provide support and intervention for our students, and to liaise with families. They also work closely with a number of outside agencies and our SEND Departemnt to support students in overcoming any barriers to learning.

Leadership and Management Team

Each Year group has a designated member of the Leadership and Management Team who supports the Heads of Years within their role.

Pastoral Team For Years 7 to 11

We would request that inital contact with the school is done through your son's Form Tutor.  Please follow the link below to our Staff Contact list:

Staff Contact List

Year 11

Leadership and Mangement Lead

Years 9, 10 and 11

Ms M McKenna

Senior Learning Mentor for

Years 9, 10 and 11

Ms C Wilson-David
Head of Year 11 Miss J Zimmermann
Deputy Head of Year 11 Mrs M Bloomberg

11 Abbey

11 Bourne

11 Carew

11 Derby

11 Merton

11 Oaks

11 St Benet

11 Tudor

Mr J Sidhu

Mr M Cooke and Mrs S Davis

Miss A Hinchcliffe

Mrs M  Zhang   

Mrs S Hartnett

Mr T Scorgie

Ms V Lester

Mrs S Riley 

Head of Year 10 Mr C Beaney
Deputy Head of Year 10 Mr A Summers

10 Abbey

10 Bourne

10 Carew

10 Derby

10 Merton

10 Oaks

10 St Benet

10 Tudor

Mrs A Rathore and Mrs S Arain 

Mr M Toye

Miss S Caverhill and Mrs K Poole

Mrs L Lucas

Miss S Mohamed

Mr T Inthirarajah

Miss S Davies

Mr H Trusler

Head of Year 9 Miss L Seal
Deputy Head of Year 9 Ms Wilson-David

9 Abbey

9 Bourne

9 Carew

9 Derby

9 Merton

9 Oaks

9 St Benet

9 Tudor

Mr M Cooper & Mrs F Cutrufo

Miss S West

Mr M Chhatralia

Miss K Bryan

Miss L Stokes

Miss H Daudi

Mr A Churchill

Miss A Groves

Leadership and Mangement Lead

Years 7 and 8

Mr R Lightfoot
Senior Learning Mentor for Years 7 and 8 Mrs R Regan
Head of Year 8 Mrs J Fairbrother
Deputy Head of Year 8 Mr M Daniels

8 Abbey

8 Bourne

8 Carew

8 Derby

8 Merton

8 Oaks

8 St Benet

8 Tudor

Mr K Wright

Miss E Kay

Mr K Varma and Miss Z Khan

Miss L Thayaparan

Mr N Gravenell

Mr A Coleman and Mr T Hanna

Miss A Jade

Mr A McKay

Head of Year 7 Mrs R Regan
Deputy Head of Year 7 Mrs G Turnbull

7 Abbey

7 Bourne

7 Carew

7 Derby

7 Merton

7 Oaks

7 St Benet

7 Tudor

Mr W Rylance and Mr M Colombage

Mr J Long

Mr J Braybrook

Mr P Hazzard

Ms S Day

Miss S Simon

Mr G Rice

Mr G Howard

Sixth Form Student Support