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Year 7 Student Support


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Heads of House (HOH)

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Year 7 Form Tutors

Year 7 Form Tutors

You will be in one of eight different Form groups when you start at Glyn School – there is one Form group per House.  Each Form group is led by a Form Tutor and you will see your Form Tutor twice a day.  Your Form Tutor is there to help you to settle into Glyn School, be the key contact for your Parents or Carers and will help you with any problems that you may have.

Senior Learning Mentors - SLM

The Senior Learning Mentors support the HOH and LMT to ensure that your transition to Glyn School is smooth and once you are here in September they will support you to ensure you have no worries or concerns, and to make sure you settle in well.

The SLMs are based in the HOH office and as a group they work very closely together.  Mrs Regan is the Senior Learning Mentor for Years 7 and 8 and Miss Wilson-David is the Senior Learning Mentor for Years 9 to 11.

 Deputy Heads of House - DHOH 

The DHOH works very closely with your HOH and will help you settle into Glyn School and to also ensure that you succeed and do well.  During the first half-term many of your Form times will have both your Form Tutor and DHOH present.

Heads of House - HOH

The HOH works very closely with the DHOH and Form Tutors to support you during your time at Glyn School and will drop into your Form time at least once a week.

The HOH lead the House assemblies once a fortnight and also work with your Form Tutors on activities which you carry out in Form Time.  It is the HOH's job to ensure that you work hard and succeed in your studies and if you are struggling they will help and support you to get you back on track.

Pastoral Lead

Mr Holloway is the Assistant Headteacher and Pastoral Lead. He works with the HOHs to oversee the support for new students through the transition process.  As part of his role he will organise members of the Pastoral team to visit most of you in Primary/Junior School, organise the transition events and he will work very closely with your HOH to make sure you settle into Glyn School in September. 

Leadership and Management Team  - LMT

During the transition period members of the Leadership and Management Team, in particular Mr Holloway, will be supporting you alongside your HOH, DHOH and Form Tutor.