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Uniform and Equipment


PE kit

Games kit

Stationery Items

Music, DT and Art


Mathematics & Science



School blazer 

Plain white shirt (short or long sleeves)

Plain black smart trousers (black canvas, skinny trousers or jeans may not be worn) 

Plain dark grey or black socks

Plain black, leather with black soles and no decorative stitching or carrying an explicit sports logo. Black boots, trainers, plimsolls, canvas or suede shoes may not be worn. (Acceptable shoes are defined by the school)

School tie in House colour with at least 5 stripes on show

V-necked plain black school jumper (Optional)

Headwear and religious clothing may be worn (for religious purposes only) and should be either plain black or navy blue

Baseball caps and bandanas may not be worn

Denim jackets and coats that the school deems as ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted




  • Hair should be neat, tidy and appropriate for a professional working environment (as defined by the school)
  • Extreme styles and hair colouring will not be permitted (as defined by the school)
  • Shaved lines in hair or eyebrows are not permitted



Students are not allowed earrings, facial studs, ear expanders or any other earrings.  Rings and Bracelets may not be worn.

PE kit

Required throughout the academic year for all school-based PE lessons

Glyn School crew neck PE shirt - new design from September 2017
Glyn School blue shorts - new design from September 2017, can be worn for PE and Games
White socks
Non-marking trainers (any colour) for indoor and outdoor use
Towel / shower gel / spare underwear

Games kit

Required throughout the academic year for all Games lessons

Glyn School reversible royal blue/gold games shirt - new design from September 2017
Glyn School blue shorts - new design from September 2017, can be worn for PE and Games
Plain royal blue football socks 
Football boots or rugby boots / shin pads / gum shield (trainers may be required in the summer months and the trainers used for PE can be worn)
Glyn School tracksuit top and bottoms - new design from September 2017
Towel / shower gel / spare underwear
Woolly hat and gloves (required in cold weather conditions)

Stationery Items

The following items are suggested for your pencil case:

  • Blue and black pens (any make/style)
  • HB pencil
  • Highlighter pen
  • Pritt Stick
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Green pen
  • Calculator (see below)
  • Geomtery set / ruler, protractor & compass
  • Coloured pencils

Music, DT and Art

Headphones or earphones (any make)

Craft Apron (unbleached carpenter style apron with pocket) - optional

2B Pencil
Colouring Pencils


Oxford School Learner's French Dictionary - ISBN: 978-0198407980


Oxford School Learner’s Spanish Dictionary - ISBN: 978-0198407966


As Year 7 are initially studying both languages families may wish to wait until their son has chosen their language before purchasing a language dictionary.

Mathematics and Science

Colouring Pencils

Whiteboard Pen

Geometry set or protractor, compass and ruler
Scientific Calculator Casio FX-85GT plus


A reading book - this may be chosen by the student and does not necessarily need to come from our Year 7 reading list.
English Dictionary /Thesaurus - optional

Click here for a copy of the Year 7 reading list

Open Book Clip Art