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Sixth Form Bursary

October 2018

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Sixth Form 16-19-Bursary Fund

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all students in the Sixth Form that might be facing financial difficulties that we operate a Discretionary 16-19 Bursary Fund.  If your household income is less than £30,500 pa you will be eligible to claim up to £125.00 per academic year for specific educational purposes e.g. books, equipment, examination resit fees, university applications fees, university visits, uniform, educational visits and transport costs for school trips . 

To apply for the Discretionary 16-19 Bursary Fund please complete the attached form and return it to Mrs J Bennett in the Sixth Form office with the required up-to-date evidence of total household income.

In addition to the Discretionary 16-19 Bursary Fund mentioned above we also operate a Weekly Bursary Payment Scheme up to £20.00 per week maximum for students whose household income is below £16,190 per annum. If you are eligible for this scheme you will also be eligible for the Discretionary 16-19 Bursary above and you  might also be eligible for Free School Meals (application from Student Reception). To apply for the Weekly Bursary Fund or the Discretionary 16-19 Bursary please complete the Application Form on the school website and return it to Mrs J Bennett in the Sixth Form office along with any relevant evidence paperwork in relation to household income as well as Child Benefit, Income Support etc

Registration for this scheme is confidential and it will not affect any other benefits you are claiming. 

If you have any queries about either scheme please contact Mrs Bennett on 0208 716 4949 etension 1812 or email her on

Yours sincerely

Miss H Thompkins

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Sixth Form

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