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Do take a look at our latest Glyn Newsletter dated Friday 24 January 2020


Years 7 and 8 Glyn PSA Disco this evening (Fri 24 Jan) from 7.00pm to 8.30pm for those who bought tickets in advance - have fun!


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Some really exciting rugby from sees the score 10-0 with two unconverted tries

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We're celebrating the 200th after-school lecture by Mr Matthews today. An amazing achievement and a fantastic contribution. This afternoon, it's Our Earth - An Historical Journey.

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Great to see Glyn Parliament in full force today!

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Glyn School GCSE PE in full flow ✏️📖


We have an amazing new video about our school (with thanks to Mr L:awrenece) including fabulous aerial views!. We are incredibly lucky to study and work here! Do take a look:


Happy New Year! Students return to school on Monday 6 January by 9.50am for a 10.00am start with Period 2, Week 2. Students should make their way straight to their Period 2 lesson. Thank you.


Tuesday 17 December is Mufti Day and Students' Christmas Fair! Wear your Christmas Jumper and bring a bit of small change - all for charity!


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter - a very busy week, indeed!

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It's all about to begin!


Thursday 12 December - hope to see you at the Carol Concert this evening at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to 9pm. A warm welcome awaits.


Thursday 12 December - see you at the Carol Concert this evening! A warm welcome awaits at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to approximately 9pm.

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With the Glyn School Mock Polling Station due to close shortly, how have students voted? Results this space!


The Polls are open! Glyn School's Mock Poll has begun, with polling booths, slips, official counters, as near to the real thing as possible. How will the students vote? Will it reflect the National vote? Results later today!


Great numbers have signed up to the Duke of Edinburgh award at Glyn School…63 Bronze, 30 Silver and 9 Gold. Look out for news on what people are doing for their volunteering, physical and skill sections.


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter!


Year 13 Parents and Carers evening this evening, Thursday 5 December. A warm welcome to families.

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Artist in Residence at The Beacon School Jonathan Braybrook, who is an art teacher at School came to the Beacon School to take up the role of Artist in Residence on Wednesday, 2nd December. He led a master class for our A-Level students in fine art portraiture.

Sixth Form Admissions

Sixth Form Admissions

Welcome to the Sixth Form Admissions page. Please find below details regarding our:

  • Sixth Form Admissions Process, entry September 2020
  • Application Forms 
  • Subject Information Leaflets
  • Entry Criteria
  • Admissions Policies
  • Key Dates
  • Waiting Lists - 2019-2020 Cohorts
  • Appeals

We would like to thank you for your interest in Glyn School.

Year 12 Application Forms for entry September 2020 

Please find below the Year 12 online application forms for entry September 2020.  We would kindly ask that you complete the appropriate application form:

  • If you are currently attending Glyn School in our Year 11 cohort, please complete the below online application form:

INTERNAL STUDENTS: Year 12 online application for entry September 2020

  • If you are an external student who is currently attending a school other that Glyn, please complete the below online application form.

EXTERNAL STUDENTS: Year 12 online application for entry September 2020

If you require a hard copy of the Year 12 September 2020 entry application form, please contact or 0208 716 4949.

Please click on the Subject Flyer link to view details of each subject that we are offering to Year 12 students, entry September 2020. 

Subject Flyers for Year 12 Entry September 2020

Please click on the below link to view our Entry Criteria for Year 12 Entry September 2020:

Entry Criteria for Year 12 Entry September 2020

Admissions Process for Entry September 2020

Internal Students

Current Glyn School students who will have attended Year 11 during the 2019-2020 academic year are invited to progress into Year 12, providing they meet the entrance criteria. Year 11 Glyn students have priority over the admissions criteria listed below.

External Students

Glyn School welcomes applications for entry to the Sixth Form from male and female external applicants. Acceptance on to a programme of subjects/courses is subject to a student having achieved the entry requirements. Individual subjects may be limited in the number of students they can accommodate.

Application forms received after the deadline of Friday 29 November 2019 will be placed on a separate late applicants’ waiting list.

After the full number of places have been offered in accordance with the admission procedure, a waiting list will be established according to the oversubscription categories. The waiting list will be held on the basis of distance of the student’s permanent place of residence from the school, with those living nearer being given higher propriety within each category. Evidence of permanent residence will be required upon application. Failure to provide all required supporting evidence may delay or affect the application and offer.

Students whose applications are placed on the waiting list will be informed of the dates of the summer enrolment by email.

External applicants that exceed the number of places available will be placed on a waiting list which will include on time and late applications.  The waiting list will be managed according to the oversubscription criteria categories.

Although every effort will be made to operate the waiting list fairly and admit applicants into the Sixth Form, the school cannot be responsible for applicants’ availability to attend summer enrolment, or which courses may be available at any given time.

Should applications from suitably qualified external students exceed the number of places available, the following oversubscription criteria will apply:

Category 1: Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children

Category 2: Exceptional Social/Medical Need

Category 3: External Students who have a Sibling in the School

Category 4: Children of Staff Employed to Work at Glyn School

Category 5: External students: The remaining places will be allocated on the basis of  distance of a student’s permanent residence from the school, with those living nearer being given higher priority.

Further information regarding our Sixth Form Admissions Criteria and PAN (Published Admissions Number), additional notes in relation to the above categories and details of our admissions procedures are detailed in the below Admissions Polices link.

Only applicants applying under Category 4 'Children of Staff' must complete the Supplementary Information Form, which can be located at the end of this webpage.

Admissions Policies and Forms

Eligibility Criteria

Entrance into the Sixth Form is subject to the regulations regarding nationality, residency status and eligibility for study in UK school Sixth Forms that apply at the time. Please refer to the Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2020 for further details which may affect a place being offered to the applicant.

Admissions Process

If you wish to benefit from the excellent teaching, enriching opportunities and supportive community that Glyn School offers, we invite you to make an application.

Students will be invited in to school to discuss their option choices and future plans between January and February 2020.

Following the receipt of applications, we build and finalise option blocks and will send an initial offer to students from 2 March 2020 until 6 March 2020.

Students will need to reply by Monday 16 March 2020, to confirm whether or not they accept the offer. The reply also enables students to indicate any option changes they wish to make.

Students will be invited into school to attend the induction days. We strongly recommend that students attend these so that they can experience the courses they are intending to study and, if necessary, make any option changes before the start of the term.

Final enrolment takes place on Thursday 20 August 2020 for internal students and on Friday 21 August 2020 for external students. External students will need to bring photocopies of their GCSE results with them to enroll on to courses and be accompanied by a Parent or Carer. External students will also need to bring the completed and signed Admissions Registration Pack, Medical Care Plan (if appropriate) and PSA Pack to enrolment. PDF copies will be available on the Sixth Form Transition webpage from March 2020 onwards.

The start of the Academic Year 2020 will be Thursday 3 September 2020.

Key Dates

Date Event
Friday 29 November 2019 Deadline to submit applications
January to February 2020 Advice meetings with senior staff (internal and external applicants)
Monday 2 March 2020 Offer letters will be sent from 2-6 March 2020
Monday 16 March 2020 Deadline for accepting a place at Glyn School Sixth Form
Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 June 2020 Year 11 into Year 12 Student Induction Days
Thursday 20 August 2020 GCSE results day - Enrolment for Internal Students
Friday 21 August 2020 Enrolement of External Students
Thursday 3 September 2020 Term starts


Waiting Lists - 2019-2020 Cohorts

If you wish to apply to our Sixth Form, please contact our admissions team on 0208 716 4949 or email:

Further details regarding current Year 12 (2019-2020) course details can be found here.

Admissions Appeals Timetable

To view details of the Appeals timetable, please click here