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Posted on: 08/12/2020

Glyn Parliament

Glyn Parliament

Democracy has been in full flow this week as we held our third meeting of the year of the Glyn Parliament. This is currently led by Head Boy Nathan Selman and Deputy Head Boy Tom Chaloner, who represent the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team. Our 16 MGPs (Members of Glyn Parliament) are made up of two of the Year 11 House Captains for each House. Our meetings have been socially distanced and so have only, so far, included our Year 11 MGPs. We hope that, once we are able, we will extend this so that each Form will have an MGP to represent their views within our multi-year group Parliament.

So far this year we have been discussing a wide range of issues which students from Year 11 and other Tutor groups have raised. These have included litter, facilities and security, COVID restrictions, break time activities, clubs and the science of wearing masks.

As a result of these discussions, we invited Head of School, Mrs Garrod, to our meeting on Tuesday 1 December for Headteacher`s Questions – Glyn’s answers to Prime Minister`s Questions, although much less adversarial.

Our MGPs had finalised a shortlist of topics to ask Mrs Garrod questions on, and five of them very eloquently posed these to her. These included questions on:

  1. Bike Shed Security: Mrs Garrod is looking into this and we have a CCTV upgrade on its way and increased duty in that area already.
  2. Clubs and Mixing Bubbles: We are looking into, and all hope for, an end to bubble restrictions soon.
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity: An issue which is high up on Mrs Garrod’s priorities, so Chromebooks are high impact.
  4. Astroturf Fencing and Shelters: Mrs Garrod will consider (budget allowing).
  5. Staggered School Day Format and Switching for Different Year Groups: Mrs Garrod was keen to make sure this was fair for everyone and to prioritise Year 11 learning, so will discuss this with the Leadership Team further.

Thank you to Mrs Garrod for prioritising our Students’ Voice, and well done to Nathan, Tom and all of the Glyn MGPs, and particularly to those who asked questions: Cody (Carew), Anthony (Derby), Will (St Benet), Shadman (Oaks) and Selaka (Abbey). We look forward to meeting in the New Year to take on the challenges of litter, mental health awareness and reviewing which of the COVID changes to the school we might like to keep.

Miss Cortizo, Assistant Headteacher