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No booking required for our Open Evening today (tickets for Headteacher talks handed out on arrival). Simply turn up! Current students and staff will be waiting to show you our outstanding school.


We are delighted to welcome Year 6 families to our Open Evening TODAY from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. Whilst not compulsory, please consider wearing a face covering - thank you. We are delighted to be welcoming families onto the school site!


Less than 24 hours until our Open Evening! Year 6 pupils and their families are welcome to see our school on Thursday 16 September from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.


Year 11 Virtual Information Evening takes place this evening - Tuesday 14 Sept - from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. We look forward to seeing Year 11 Parents and Carers online later this evening.


Year 9 Virtual Information Evening takes place this evening - Tuesday 14 Sept - from 6.15pm to 7.15pm. We look forward to seeing Year 9 Parents and Carers online later this evening.


Reminder - the school will be closing at 12.20pm on Thursday 16 September in preparation for the Open Evening which will take place between 4.30pm and 7.30pm. Students who are helping at Open Evening should return to school at 4.00pm. Thank you.


PROSPECTUS - Please follow this link to take a look at our Prospectus for entry into Year 7:


Open Evening information- we look forward to welcoming families onto the school site for Open Evening on Thursday 16 September. To keep everyone safe, we strongly encourage visitors to wear face coverings, if you can. Thank you.


Is your child absent from school? As engineers continue to resolve telephone/voicemail issues, please email the school if your child is absent or late to school via email: Thank you.


We are looking forward to meeting local Year 6 pupils with their families at our Open Evening this week! Thursday 16 September from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. Please let your friends and family know.


Admissions Information ahead of our Year 6 into Year 7 Open Evening on Thursday 16 September can be found on our website, here:


Open Evening parking - with regret, there is limited parking on the school site and Hessle Grove is a private road. If you park in Sainsbury's Kiln Lane car park, please note there is a 2 hour limit. Please park with consideration for local residents - thank you!

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Glyn School Open Evening - Thursday 16 September 2021 from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. In the meantime, please visit our website to see our outstanding school.


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Telephone Lines - with regret, our telephone lines are down. If you need to contact the school, please email


Blazers - due to the hot weather, students are NOT required to wear their school blazer on Wednesday 8 September, just for that day.


Telephone Lines - with regret, our telephone lines are down. If you need to contact the school, please email


We regret that our phone lines are currently down. Please email with any urgent enquiries.

Posted on: 08/07/2021

House Literacy Competition

House Literacy Competition

This year's House Literacy competition theme was 'A World of Words'. 

Each Tutor group was given a Tier 2 word to explore, discuss and then use as a writing prompt. 

A Tier 2 word is a non-subject-specific word, but which is sophisticated and academic (such as benevolent, altruistic or philanthropist) as opposed to a Tier 3 word which is a subject-specific academic word (such as photosynthesis, sonnet or trigonometry). At Glyn School, we recognise the importance of teaching Tier 3 vocabulary, but also understand the need to explicitly teach students Tier 2 words to improve their general use of vocabulary across all subjects. 

To promote this, some of the words given to the Tutor groups included: legacy, serenity, sabotage, serendipity, epiphany and even psithurism and petrichor (a couple of words for you to Google!).

I was very impressed with students’ entries, and there was a wide range of stories, essays and poetry to enjoy. 


Year 7 Winner - Lewis 7C, whose word was 'omen'.

Year 8 Winners (Joint) - Jacob 8SB, whose word was 'juncture' and Alex 8D, whose word was 'nobility'.

Year 9 Winner - Benjamin 9M, whose word was 'panacea'.

House Lit Pic

A special mention goes to all students in 8 Carew who submitted entries from the whole Form, and to Joseph and Kai in 10A, who were the only optional Year 10 entrants; they entered an acrostic poem based on their word 'fragmentation'!

Here are some highlights from the competition:

Nobility - Alex 8D

Nobility is the great separator in society,

While some sit on thrones and stand on balconies,

Others sweep and scrub the stones on the street.

A select few have the privilege of dominating society,

While others are caught in the murky below, struggling to escape.

They are forced to pick up the scraps left behind,

Getting the worst of everything they require.


But there is a more admirable definition of nobility,

A word aligned with all the good people in the world.

The act of kindness can be performed by anyone;

Nurses, firefighters, soldiers, police officers and vets,

Doing what is right to help or protect anyone in need.


The greatest part is you don’t have anything to lose,

But what you will gain is the pride of helping someone,

Making you more of a hero than Superman,

As noble as a knight,

And as kind as a doctor.

Legacy - Luke 7B

Legacy, Legacy

What is a legacy? 

Is it something left behind, 

A treasure perhaps for others to find?

Maybe just a memory,

Surfacing from long suppression.

Or yet how someone is seen, 

In the eyes of their peers,

How strange and endless it can be, 

Once told it’ll never stop,

Until it surfaces to the top,

Legacy, legacy

Don't try to undermine, 

For once you’re gone that's all you've left ,

‘til time comes to an end…


Juncture - Jacob 8SB

The boy arrived at the meeting place. It was an interesting juncture, where two roads and a derelict railway line met. The line had been abandoned for a long time, however the smell of tar still lingered, a throwback to a distant past. The children's shadows were long, cast by a warm evening sun. He looked across the barren, Californian desert, and it was clear from his posture that he did not want to be there. Who could blame him? Not many people would want to be hanging around with a bunch of dodgy folks, doing who knows what.

Suddenly the children looked up. There was an ominous rumbling that shook the desolate plane. The rumbling was punctuated by a loud shrill whistle that pierced the peace of the plane. A cloud of what looked like steam interrupted the symmetry of the savanna. Out of the steam came a huge relic of the past, in all its glory, smoke, and steam. It was of course, a steam train.


Miss E Kay, Teacher of English, Lead Practitioner for Language and Literacy