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Do take a look at our latest Glyn Newsletter dated Friday 24 January 2020


Years 7 and 8 Glyn PSA Disco this evening (Fri 24 Jan) from 7.00pm to 8.30pm for those who bought tickets in advance - have fun!


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Some really exciting rugby from sees the score 10-0 with two unconverted tries

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We're celebrating the 200th after-school lecture by Mr Matthews today. An amazing achievement and a fantastic contribution. This afternoon, it's Our Earth - An Historical Journey.

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Great to see Glyn Parliament in full force today!

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Glyn School GCSE PE in full flow ✏️📖


We have an amazing new video about our school (with thanks to Mr L:awrenece) including fabulous aerial views!. We are incredibly lucky to study and work here! Do take a look:


Happy New Year! Students return to school on Monday 6 January by 9.50am for a 10.00am start with Period 2, Week 2. Students should make their way straight to their Period 2 lesson. Thank you.


Tuesday 17 December is Mufti Day and Students' Christmas Fair! Wear your Christmas Jumper and bring a bit of small change - all for charity!


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter - a very busy week, indeed!

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It's all about to begin!


Thursday 12 December - hope to see you at the Carol Concert this evening at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to 9pm. A warm welcome awaits.


Thursday 12 December - see you at the Carol Concert this evening! A warm welcome awaits at St Mary's Church in Ewell Village from 7pm to approximately 9pm.

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With the Glyn School Mock Polling Station due to close shortly, how have students voted? Results this space!


The Polls are open! Glyn School's Mock Poll has begun, with polling booths, slips, official counters, as near to the real thing as possible. How will the students vote? Will it reflect the National vote? Results later today!


Great numbers have signed up to the Duke of Edinburgh award at Glyn School…63 Bronze, 30 Silver and 9 Gold. Look out for news on what people are doing for their volunteering, physical and skill sections.


Do take a look at this week's Glyn Newsletter!


Year 13 Parents and Carers evening this evening, Thursday 5 December. A warm welcome to families.

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Artist in Residence at The Beacon School Jonathan Braybrook, who is an art teacher at School came to the Beacon School to take up the role of Artist in Residence on Wednesday, 2nd December. He led a master class for our A-Level students in fine art portraiture.

Staff Contact List

Email is the best way of contacting a member of staff, but you are also welcome to telephone the school to leave a message for them.

We are committed to responding as quickly as possible, but please be mindful that teachers will be busy teaching for most of the school day.  Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email.

Please contact your child's Form Tutor or Head of House with any pastoral queries and the subject teacher with academic queries.

If your query is urgent, please ring the school reception on 020 8716 4949 between 8am and 4.30pm

Please find below our list of staff contact details.

Leadership Management Team

Mr Duffield Headteacher Please email
Mr Ward Associate Headteacher, Business Studies
Mr Hayter Deputy Headteacher, English
Miss Cortizo Assistant Headteacher, History
Mr Holloway Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mathematics, PE
Ms Jones Assistant Headteacher, Mathematics
Mr Lightfoot Assistant Headteacher, Science
Miss Thompkins Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form, Sociology, DDSL

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs Brown Head of Mathematics
Ms Calvin Head of English, Media & Literacy
Ms Dimitrantzou Head of Mathematics
Mr Dinnage Acting Head of Humanities
Mrs Hall Acting Head of Social Sciences, Head of Economics
Mrs Hammerton Head of IT & Computing
Mr Leyshon Head of SEND/SENCO
Mr Martin Director of Sport, Racquets Academy Leader
Miss McKenna Head of Science, EVC Coordinator
Mr McShane Head of Creative, Performing Arts & Technology Faculty
Mrs Menagh PA to Headteacher and Cover Officer
Mrs  Pearson Head of Social Sciences  
Miss Picken Professional Development Team Lead, Lead Practitioner, English
Ms Thompsett Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Teaching Staff

Miss Adams Science
Miss Ahmad Mathematics
Mr Ahmad Mathematics, Acting Deputy Head of St Benet House
Miss Al-Yasiri Computing
Mrs Arain Science
Mr Atkins Head of Business Studies
Miss Bayliss English
Mr Beaney Head of Drama, Deputy Head of Bourne House
Mr Beeken Science
Dr Bhasin Acting Head of Geography
Mr Bhumbla Chemistry, Lead Practitioner, Head of Year 13
Miss Dixon Science  
Mrs Bloomberg Geography, Acting Head of Derby House
Mrs Booth Science
Mr Braybrook Art, Head of Careers
Mr Brockless Religious Studies and Philosophy
Ms Brown Religious Studies and Philosophy, KS3 Coordinator
Mrs Bryan Head of Biology
Miss Caverhill Deputy Head of Science, Head of Chemistry
Mr Chhatralia Mathematics
Mr Churchill PE, Head of St Benet House
Miss Clare Head of Law, Head of Year 12
Ms Clements History, Extended Projects
Mr Coleman Maths, Lead Practitioner
Mr Cooke Head of Extracurricular Music
Mrs Cutrufo Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Daniels Design and Technology, Acting Head of Abbey House
Miss Daudi Biology
Mrs Davey English, Head of Media
Mrs Davis Head of Music, Lead Practitioner, SCITT Professional Tutor
Miss deTellitu Liron Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Duncan Science
Mrs Dunham SEND, Assistant Intervention Lead
Mr Ellis PE, Cricket and Rugby Academy Leader
Mrs Elmas English, KS5 Coordinator
Mrs Falcao MFL, Lead Practitioner, CFC
Miss Garcia Maths
Miss Gascoigne Head of Art and Photography, Deputy SCITT Professional Tutor
Mr Grigg Mathematics, Lead Practitioner, CFC
Mrs Hartnett English, KS4 Coordinator
Mr Hawkes PE
Mr Hazzard History, Government and Politics
Miss Hinchcliffe Design Technology, KS3 Coordinator
Mr Howard History
Mr Inthirarajah Science, Lead Practitioner
Miss Jackson Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Student Support and Progress  
Miss Jeyarajah English, Acting Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Student Support & Progress
Miss Kay English
Mr Keating Science, Lead Practitioner
Mr Kinnaird History, CFC
Mr Knight PE, Lead Practitioner, CFC Professional Tutor
Mr Lawrence E-Learning, Lead Practitioner
Miss Lindley English, Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Next steps and Enrichment
Mrs Lindsay Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr Long PE
Mrs Lott Religious Studies, KS5 Coordinator
Mr Macgregor Mathematics, KS3 Coordinator
Mr MacLeod PE, KS3 Coordinator
Mr McKay PE, Football Academy Leader, BTEC Quality Nominee and Vocational Education Lead
Mr Meyer Business Studies and Economics
Mrs Mitra Mathematics
Mrs Munns English
Mr Olsen English
Miss Patel Science, Lead Practitioner, CFC
Miss Phillips English, KS3 Coordinator
Miss Piper Head of Psychology, Deputy Head of Oaks House
Mrs Poole Science
Mrs Rathore Mathematics
Mr Ridpath Business Studies, Lead Practitioner
Mrs Ryell Geography
Mr Scorgie Head of Academic PE, Deputy Head of Abbey House
Miss Seal English, Head of Oaks House
Mr Sidhu Mathematics
Mr Sinclair Head of Physics
Mr Sledmore Head of Sociology
Miss Southall Drama, Head of Merton House
Ms Stephenson Business Studies and Geography, CFC
Miss Stokes Mathematics, Raising Standards Leader
Miss Stone Religious Studies, KS4 Coordinator PSHCE Coordinator
Mr Sullivan Design Technology, DDSL, Safeguarding for Pupil Premium
Mr Summers Head of History
Mr Taylor English, Lead Practitioner, CFC
Mr Taylor-Kublik History, Lead Practitioner
Mrs Thomas Science, KS3 Coordinator
Dr Thomassen Science
Mr Toye Head of Design Technology
Mr Trusler PE, Deputy Head of Derby House
Mrs Turnbull English, Specialist Teacher of SEND, Deputy Head of Tudor House
Mr Varma Mathematics, Lead Teacher for Pupil Premium
Miss Vazquez Deputy Head of MFL
Miss Ward English
Miss West Head of Food Technology
Miss Zimmermann Mathematics, Head of Tudor House, SSC and Intervention Lead, DDSL


Ms Berlin Administration Assistant
Mrs Cumlin Attendance Officer
Mrs  Buckland Administration Assistant
Mrs Fox Finance Assistant (Trips)
Mrs Gimson PA to Associate and Deputy Headteachers, DDSL
Miss Meadows School Receptionist, Publicity Officer & Future  First
Ms Narasimhan Human Resources
Mrs Overington School Secretary
Mrs Packman Administration - Admissions and Attendance
Mrs Smith Finance Assistant (Trips)
Mrs Stillman School Receptionist
Miss Thompson Student Services and Medical Room Assistant
Mrs Thompson Student Services and Medical Room Assistant
Mrs Valentine SIMS Officer

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Mabbott Cover Supervisor
Mr Matthews Cover Supervisor

Examinations Department

Mrs Ramus Examinations Officer
Mrs Keen Examinations Administrative Assistant
Mrs Wildenberg Examinations Administrative Assistant

Inclusion and Student Support

Mr Derbyshire SEND Exam Access Leader
Miss Brindle-Carter Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Cooke Assistant SENCO
Mrs Fairbrother Head of Bourne House, DDSL
Mrs Johnston Learning Support Assistant
Mr Miller Learning Support Assistant, Acting Deputy Head of Carew House
Miss Nakitende Learning Support Assistant
Mr Nimmo Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Regan Head of Carew House, Senior Learning Mentor KS3, Transition, DDSL
Mrs Ross School Counsellor
Mrs Scafidi Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Wiles HLTA
Ms Wilson-David Senior Learning Mentor KS4, Alternative Education, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, DDSL
Mrs Zhang Learning Support Assistant


Mr Matthews Premises Manager
Mr Bridgman Deputy Premises Manager
Mr De Souza Premises Assistant
Mr Kitson Premises Assistant

Sixth Form Department, Resource Centre & Study Centre

Mrs Bennett PA to Sixth Form Leadership, Careers and UCAS, DDSL
Mrs Breckon Sixth Form Study Area Supervisor
Mrs Brooker Sixth Form Attendance, Administration Assistant
Mrs Johns KS5 Learning Mentor, Sixth Form Study Area Supervisor
Mr  Maude Sixth Form Study Area Supervisor
Mrs Woolridge Study Skills Director

Technical Support

Mrs Clark Senior Science Technician, HLTA
Mrs Edwards Food Technology Technician
Mr Martin DT Technician
Mr Robinson Senior Science Technician
Ms Sewell Science Technician
Mr Simmons Science Technician
Mrs Stevens Art Technician
Mrs Thorley Science Technician
Mrs White Science Technician

Cucina Catering

Mr Gilbert Cuncina Chef