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Thank you again to the amazing team!

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What a week at Summer Camp! A big thankyou to all the staff and sixth-formers who made it happen; you're superstars! 🙌

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Another fantastic but slightly rainy day at Summer Camp draws to a close. We need to keep all fingers and toes crossed that the rain stays away on Friday 🤞😬

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Summer Camp 2021 for our incoming year 7 students in full swing!

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Our Creative Arts students are incredible! Art, Music, Drama, Food, watch our video...even the music is home grown Glyn student talent!


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Parents and Carers - if you did not receive the Glyn Newsletter on Friday 9 July, please check your junk! Please then move the email to your inbox, which will resolve the issue for future messages. Apologies - new parental messaging system gremlin!

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Open Evening postponed to Thursday 16 September 2021. We hope this new date will allow prospective families onto the school site, and we look forward to meeting you then!


Vacancy - are you an inspiring and experienced Careers Advisor looking for a position in an ‘Outstanding’ school?


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Joining Glyn School in September 2021? Please see our Transition Experience video!

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Wishing our Glyn School Wimbledon Ball Boys all the best as the Championships begin today


Reminder! Mufti Day Thursday 24 June - own clothes, voluntary £2 on the gate for Glyn PSA, remember your face covering...remind your friends!

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Library book returned 19 years late - 995 hours of detention? We hope he made it in The Rock Business!


With regret, Glyn School Open Evening for prospective Year 7 entry has been postponed until Thursday 16 September 2021. Further details on our website:


Friday 11 June train disruptions/cancellations, including West Ewell and Epsom:


Good afternoon Due to significant problems with the signalling system near London Waterloo, train services running across the whole South Western Railway network may be cancelled, severely delayed or revised.


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Careers in Apprenticeship

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As part of the National Apprenticeship Week campaign, LMP Education delivered a fantastic 25-minute webinar aimed at Years 10-13 on Apprenticeships & Traineeships. The webinar had lots of information, advice and guidance, as well as access to all the opportunities which LMP has available.

The webinar is written for students however it is also very informative for Parents and carers about possible career progression routes which students can take at the end of Year 11 and 13.

To find out more information, please click on the links below to the webinar and webimnar presentation.

Other Resouces for National Apprenticeship Week

In order to support National Apprenticeships Week, the website has produced some fantastic resources to enable students to find out more about apprenticeships.  

Below are links to the resources.  

If you want more information about apprenticeships and how they work please take a look at our Guide to Apprenticeships section via this link. 

Apprenticeship by Subject

When thinking about apprenticeship options, students may wish to look at which apprenticeships are possible if certain subjects are studied. 

Below are links to subject summaries on the Amazing Apprenticeships website to help explore possible routes based on the subjects studied at GCSE and A Level. 

The Subject Snapshot Bundle

CaptureAlthough this publication is published as a guide for teachers, it clearly sets out subject by subject the companies who run apprenticeship programmes and also the types of roles available with links to vacancies and case studies. It's definitely worth a look. 

Click on the image to download this publication from the Amazing Apprenticeships website.



The Apprenticeship A-Z of Women at Work Case Study Booklet 

CaptureAmazing Apprenticeships created ‘The Apprenticeship A-Z of Women at Work’ to mark the launch of National Careers Week (2 – 7 March 2020) and International Women’s Day (Sunday 8 March 2020) and are publicising it as part of National Apprenticeships Week.

Click on the image to view this publication on the Amazing Apprenticeships website.



The Apprenticeship A-Z of Men at Work Case Study Booklet 

CaptureAmazing Apprenticeships created ‘The Apprenticeship A-Z of Men at Work’ to celebrate International Men’s Day (Thursday 19 November 2020) and are publicising it as part of National Apprenticeships Week.

Click on the image to view this publication on the Amazing Apprenticeships website.



What Apprenticeship am I? Quiz

There are nearly 600 different apprenticeship standards across England, which cover more than 1700 different job roles.

Click on the image below to access the What Apprenticeship am I? Quiz on the Amazing Apprenticeships website. 

Can you guess which apprenticeship they are describing and match them up to the correct answer?


The A-Z of Apprentices Case Study Film

Watch the apprenticeship case study film, The A-Z of female and male apprentices, to discover more about real apprentices, their job roles and the companies they work for.

Click on the image below to access the film on the Amazing Apprenticeships website.