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At Glyn, we believe in celebrating achievement in as many different ways as possible. We hold an end of term celebration assembly for the whole school each term. Details of the rewards system are found in the Behaviour for Learning policy.

We have a vertical student support system. This means that our support system is structured around a Head of House and Assistant Head of House who oversees 5 forms of students in years 7 to 11.

The House team, consisting of your Tutor, Head of House and Senior Learning Mentor, will support students systematically in their years at Glyn to ensure students are settling in and becoming part of Glyn in the best possible way. Tutors meet their students twice daily in their tutor room with fellow tutees where registration and a uniform check will be carried out. In addition, students will have a chance to be involved in discussions, reflect on assembly or have a chance to talk about successes experienced in their day.

The Heads of House and Senior Learning Mentor offices are in a central location. These are places that students can come to at any time before or after school, break or lunch, to talk to people if they are worried about things in or out of lessons. Whilst the Head of House keeps an eye on behaviour in lessons and students’ academic progress, the tutor is the day to day point of contact for students.

The Head of House will lead assembly every week and will meet with students in their house to discuss progress in lessons, how hard they are working and any extracurricular activities they might want to be taking up. It is important students try their hardest in all lessons. This will be noticed by teachers who will reward students with positive apps. The Head of House will be notified and students’ success will be discussed with parents and highlighted in assembly. Heads of House, Senior Learning mentors and Tutors should aim to maintain regular contact with parents by telephone and email, so they will be kept up to date when students are making the right choices and doing well in school. They will also be informed if students make mistakes, and Heads of Houses will work with students to rectify any problem situations that arise. The House team also has access to student mentors, counsellors, a school nurse as well as key workers for students who are experiencing difficulties in school.

Form Tutors have a very important role to play in transmitting the values and virtues of the school through their daily contact with the students in their form group. There is only one adult that each student in the main school sees daily and that is the tutor.

These eight houses are linked to our local area and can be viewed in pairs:

There used to be an ABBEY at MERTON which was called Merton Abbey;
The BOURNE river goes through Chertsey, site of a BENEDICTINE monastry;
The TUDOR family named CAREW;
DERBY is named after Lord Derby, the founder of the famous horse race whilst OAKS was the name of his home; in addition to being the name of the prestigious race first held in 1779, the year before the first Epsom Derby.

The below list has been updated for the Academic Year 2019-2020

Assistant Headteacher - Mr B Holloway


Head of Abbey House: Mr M Daniels


Head of Merton House: Miss C Southall


Deputy Head of House: Mr T Scorgie


Deputy Head of House: Mrs S Wiles


Form Tutor Team


Form Tutor Team


Mrs F Cutrufo


Miss L Stokes


Mrs A Rathore and Mrs S Arain


Mr M Hawkes


Mr J Sidhu


Miss F Ahmad


Mr M Keating


Miss J Phillips


Mr C Sinclair


Mrs S Hartnett






Head of Bourne House: Mrs J Fairbrother


Head of Oaks House: Miss L Seal


Deputy Head of House: Mr C Beaney


Deputy Head of House: Miss P Piper


Form Tutor Team


Form Tutor Team


Mrs M Edwards and Miss S West


Miss H Daudi


Mr M Toye


Mr T Inthirarajah


Mr A Summers


Ms D Calvin and Mrs M Mitra


Mr J Ellis


Miss A Gascoigne and Mrs S Duncan


Miss E Kay


Mr A Coleman






Head of Carew House: Mrs R Regan


Head of St Benet House: Mr A Churchill


Deputy Head of House: Mr N Miller


Deputy Head of House: Mr T Ahmad


Form Tutor Team


Form Tutor Team


Mr M Chhatralia


Ms C Dimitrantzou and Miss T Stone


Miss S Caverhill


Miss R Picken and Mr K Sullivan


Miss A Hinchcliffe


Miss A Vazquez


Mr S Olsen


Mrs A Thomas


Mrs C Brown


Dr G Bhasin






Head of Derby House: Mrs M Bloomberg


Head of Tudor House: Miss J Zimmermann


Deputy Head of House: Mr H Trusler


Deputy Head of House: Mrs G Turnbull


Form Tutor Team


Form Tutor Team


Miss K Bryan


Miss S Bayliss


Miss D Al-Yasiri


Mr P Hazzard


Mrs N Munns and Miss D Ward


Mrs K Poole and Miss J Ryell


Mr K MacLeod


Mr J Braybrook


Mr M Dinnage


Mr I Taylor-Kublik