GLF Schools

GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

Careers Curriculum Intent Statement

At Glyn School we are committed to providing Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance to all students from Years 7 to 13 via the curriculum, PSHCE, and through a broad range of organised activities.

The Aims of our Careers Programme

Our Careers Programme follows the principle of the Gatsby Benchmarks and aims to:

  • Encourage students to be ambitious, broaden their horizons and explore their own career aspirations throughout their life at school.
  • Enable students to make informed decisions about their future career pathways.
  • Ensure students’ readiness to take their next step in their learning or career.
  • To utilise the current external resources/partnerships available, to enrich the curriculum, for high achievement.
  • To provide aspirational opportunities for our students.

What will our students experience throughout their Careers Curriculum at Glyn School?

Our Intent:

  • To provide a broad, balanced and impartial education in careers and future pathways that empowers students with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • To embed and develop employability skills throughout the curriculum that will allow students to flourish in the world of work.
  • To make links between subject areas and careers education to ensure that students see how their academic studies can link to future study and employment.
  • To help students to develop into reflective individuals who are empowered to choose their own path through an awareness of their personal qualities and goals.
  • To provide comprehensive and accessible careers provision which supports the needs of all students.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be fully prepared for their next stage of education, whether they choose to go on to university, a college, follow an apprenticeship, or go into employment.
  • To provide families with relevant information about future pathways that helps them to support students in making choices about their future.
  • To provide engagement with many different employers throughout Year 7 and onwards in a variety of formats, such as assemblies, visits, talks, workshops and careers events.
  • To provide unbiased careers advice and support from our Careers Advisor and Senior Learning Mentors.

To provide staff who are committed to, and passionate about, helping them to develop as they make key decisions and prepare for their future pathways​                     

Why do we provide Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance?

We want: 

  • our students to understand their skills, strengths and areas for development.
  • our students to make informed choices about their pathways at key milestones, such as GCSE Options, Post 16 and Post 18.
  • to prepare our students for the opportunities and experiences of life.
  • to support our students to achieve their full potential.
  • to empower our students to be able to plan and manage their own futures.
  • to raise our students’ aspirations.
  • to promote equality, diversity, social mobility and to challenge stereotypes.
  • our students to pursue and value their own wellbeing and happiness.
  • to enable our students to sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing.

How will we implement our Careers Programme?

Students will have:

  • access to a Careers Curriculum from Year 7 onwards through the curriculum, PSHCE and drop-down days.  The curriculum will be mapped across each Key Stage, and this will be routinely monitored and evaluated to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • access to up-to-date and unbiased information on future learning and training, and careers and labour market information.
  • support to develop the self-awareness and career management skills needed for their future.
  • meaningful encounters with representatives from the world of work each school year; this will be through Work Experience, Careers Fair, assemblies, careers talks (in or outside of lessons), projects and visits.
  • the opportunity to hear from a range of education and training providers, including colleges, universities and apprenticeship organisations; this could include visits and Taster Days, as well as assemblies, talks and meetings at school.
  • the opportunity to relate what they learn in lessons to their life and career beyond school.
  • the opportunity to talk through their career and educational choices with staff, including Form Tutors and the Careers Team.
  • access to one-to-one guidance with a trained and impartial Careers Advisor.

Parents and Carers:

  • will be kept informed of information to support students’ career planning and decision-making, through Information Evenings, access to Unifrog, the school CEIAG website pages and the school’s weekly Glyn Newsletter.

What is our expected impact?

Students will:

  • have a successful transition at key milestones from KS3 to KS4, Post-16 and Post-18.
  • have had experience of a wide range of opportunities, interests and options, so that they are best placed to make informed decisions about their future choices.
  • develop the skills needed for them to be employable, whether that is voluntarily or paid.
  • know the value of having work and commitments in their lives.
  • know that they have a valued and important part to play in the world in which they live and are motivated to contribute to society in a way which best suits their interests and skills.
  • know about, and make use of, the range of support and advice that is available to them in order to support their choices and decision-making as they progress to life beyond Glyn.

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